Color Light Box

Color evaluation boxes are LED lighting units, manufactured to check color consistency and quality. Also, it is used to visualize the quality in textile tests, where there is a need for different sources of radiant energy. In this way it can be evaluated by comparing the color consistency between the products, for example, there may be a difference between the light sources used in its manufacture, and the light source applied by the customer. 

In this sense, the safest way to check the good color, is through the same source light offered by evaluation boxes, where the practice is applied by artificial light type D65 as a standard light source for the control of color goods.

Types of Color Evaluation Box a Laboratory may need

Color Light Box YR05520 // YR05523

Color light box is our updated version, and it can accommodate up to 6 light sources. The consistency of the...


Color Light Box YR05524 // YR05529

 Color light box can be applied to the industries that need to perform color difference testing as follows: as the premiere...


Color Proof Station Light Box With Cupboards and Drawers YR05548 // YR05550

Color Controller Color Viewer color light box is widely applies to printing industry...


Color Proof Station Light Box with Drawers YR05539 // YR05541

Color Controller Color Viewer color light box is widely applies to printing industry...


Our Top Selling Color Evaluation Box

Model YR05520 YR05521 YR05522 YR05523
Light source D65, TL84, UV, F, CWF, TL83 D65, TL84, UV, F, CWF D65, TL84, UV, F, CWF, TL83 D65, TL84, UV, F, CWF
Dimensions(W*D*H) 695x552x502 mm 695x552x502 mm 695x552x502 mm 695x552x502 mm
Inner Size(W*D*H) 665x490x360 mm
Voltage 220V/50Hz โ€“ 110V/60Hz
Light sources Configuration D65 2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS
TL84 2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS
TL83 2 PCS / 2 PCS /
Weight 19.5 kg 19.5 kg 28.9 kg 28.9 kg
Light Source Specifications
Light Source Color Light Box Application Color temperature(k) Power(W)
D65 International standard Artificial Daylight 6500 18
TL84 Applied to stores in Europe, Japan and China 4000 18
CWF (Cool White Fluorescent)American Standard 4150 18
F โ€œSun-setting Light Yellowโ€ incandescent light source


(imitation of sunset)

2700 40
UV Viewing under ultraviolet light to detect and evaluate 


optical brighteners or fluorescent pigments

Wavelength:365nm 20
TL83 Applied to stores in Europe 3000 18
Remarks: Optional tubes D50, D75, U30, U35, A

Analysis of the best Color Evaluation Box for your Laboratory

What is the function of a Color Evaluation Box?

The ideal tool for complex color analysis is by using color evaluation boxes, which determines the spectral...


Why is a Color Evaluation Box important?

The importance of a color evaluation box, allows you to evaluate and show the appearance of the products...


What is a Color Evaluation Box?

The color evaluation box is a suitable tool for all industries and applications, where there is a need to ...


Color evaluation boxes as a photographic tool

The color of a product is commonly one of the first aspects noticed by any customer, being in many cases the...


Guides to become an expert in Color Evaluation Box

Color Evaluation Box equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

What are the characteristics of a Color Evaluation Box?

It is important, as the perception of the human eye can be transmitted from millions of colors, which is interesting...

How do you define Color Science? Color Evaluation Boxes

The science of color, from a sensory definition, is the way in which light is reflected on the surfaces of objects...

Features of Color Evaluation Boxes for the textile sector

Clothing and fabrics in general, are a basic element in everyday life, there are many brands and many models...

Light Box Color Evaluation Cabinets: What is its usefulness?

The color evaluation cabinet is a tool that allows simulating from different light principles the objective evaluation of shades at any time and from any perspective. The cabinets are equipped with 5 light sources, which have the consistency of light sources and provide...

Frequently Asked Questions about Color Evaluation Boxes from our customers

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