A stirrer is a device used in chemistry and biology laboratories to mix liquids or prepare solutions and suspensions. Laboratory agitators or mixers create a movement between liquids or between liquids and solids in order to achieve mixing, suspension, dispersion, homogenization, heat transfer, etc. processes. Nowadays, shaking systems are used in all laboratories, whether they are chemistry, biology, etc.

A typical shaker has a horizontally oscillating plate or surface, powered by an electric motor. The liquids to be stirred are contained in Erlenmeyer beakers, tubes, or flasks that are placed on the vibrating surface, or sometimes in test tubes or vials that are inserted into holes in the plate. There are different types of shakers, to mention the most used in laboratories, they would be linear, orbital and 3D.


Types of shakers that a laboratory may need

Vortex Mixer YR05761

YR05761  plate vortex mixer is best solution for shaking 96 well micro plate and other small size testing tube, centrifuge... 


Rotation Shaker YR05764

Rotation Shaker YR05764 is a combination of variable speed rotator, advanced multiple tube vortex in one machine ...


Roller Mixer YR05762

YR05762 digital roller mixer provides a gentle but highly efficient rocking and rolling motions, ideal for mixing blood samples...


Orbital Shaker YR05766 

Overcurrent protection function, automatically eut off power without affecting other equipment..


Our best selling shaker

  • Using uniaxial drive balancing technology, machine runs smoothly with low noise;
  • Brushless DC motor, long life, no need maintenance;
  • Overcurrent protection function, automatically eut off power without affecting other equipment;
  • Automatic memory function, after starting up, run according to the last setting;
  • Slow start function to prevent liquid splashing.

Analysis of the best stirrers for your laboratory

Vortex: is it a mixer, shaker or agitator?

A vortex is a type of mixer also called a vortex mixer, this is a simple device that is ...


Types of laboratory shakers kalstein

Laboratory shakers, also known as mixers, are laboratory products used...


What is a laboratory magnetic stirrer?

A magnetic stirrer is an electronic instrument that uses a magnetic field to mix...


Stirrers make it easy to mix....

Shakers are laboratory equipment used to mix or stir substances in tubes or flasks, which is mainly used in the...


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Guides for you to become an expert in Shakers

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Tube shakers in laboratory

The agitators for tubes in a laboratory, are equipment used in laboratories to mix tubes with liquid, and thus obtain ...

What are its uses and importance?

A stirrer is an instrument used in laboratories mostly in chemistry and biology, it is used to mix solutions or preparations...

What is a laboratory shaker?

Laboratory shakers, which are used to mix liquids and prepare solutions and suspensions are super usefull for the process...

Shakers: 3D, oscillating, linear, orbital, rotating and multifunctional.

The different types of KALSTEIN shakers that we can offer you as a leading brand in the market, have certain differences based on their characteristics; that undoubtedly...

Videos of agitators in operation

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Vortex mixer - Kalstein in operation

This equipment is ideal for intermittent agitation work using tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, flasks, etc. being able to shake several tubes at the same time. You are not at all limited to the maximum size of the tube or container to be used, much depends on the technique, the shape of the container, the viscosity of the contents and the amount of the liquid. A vortex is a type of shaker also called a vortex mixer, this is a simple device commonly used in laboratories

It consists of an electric motor with the drive shaft oriented vertically and attached to a slightly eccentric, cup-shaped piece of rubber or rubber. It consists of an electric motor with the drive shaft oriented vertically and connected to a cup-shaped rubber piece mounted slightly off center. The rubber piece's motor oscillates rapidly in a circular motion.

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