People who have mobility problems often need some equipment or instrument that allows them to do their daily activities comfortably. This help can come in different forms, but among the most common are the conventional wheelchair and the transport wheelchair. That, although they may seem the same and have the same function, the truth is that they have their differences.

Transportation wheelchairs are an essential part for all those who have a motor disability. All users using wheelchairs will need at least one at some point in their lives. So, just as it would be in the case of buying a regular wheelchair, when buying a transport, it is also necessary to be careful and know all its characteristics.

Types of Wheelchair that the Medical Sector may require

Stairs Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair YR053376 stairs makes dreams come true, with this unique device, you can explore the world like never before and bring a new flavor to your everyday routines! The wheelchair YR053376 can help you climb stairs, overcome obstacles and travel in any direction using the joystick on the side of the wheelchair. They are very popular because they are easy to use and prevent users from having to use their arms to propel the chair. It also makes them less dependent on someone else. These chairs are intended for everyone and can be especially useful for people with more severe disabilities who cannot propel a manual chair. Newer designs come with some amazing features like a voice device, various controls, options to adapt body position, and more.

Children Wheelchair

Kalstein medical is an integrated industrial and commercial company that focuses on medical device R&D, production, sales and consulting services. At present, the main products being developed and sold are wheelchairs and medical beds, scooters for elderly, walkers, bath chairs, crutches, etc. We can provide OEM or ODM services according to different customers' needs. At the same time, we can also recommend products that are popular with people in the local market based on our global market sales and data analysis. Our factory can provide you with a full range of purely personalized services including brand, function, material, parts, etc., to ensure you can meet the various personalized needs of users.


In Kalstein you can find the ideal Wheelchairs for the Medical Sector 

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Wheelchair to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Manual Wheelchair

Portable Comfortable, Detachable Armrest and Footrest, Thick and Washable Bee Net, Hydraulic Control Backrest Angle...


Electric Wheelchair

Can embark, Lightweight folding design, easy to transport and travel, Smart brake, folding armrest...


Children Wheelchair

Purchase and inspection of raw materials and standard parts, Processing and inspection of outsourcing components...


Manual Wheelchair

Purchase and inspection of raw materials and standard parts, Processing and inspection of outsourcing components...


Our Best Selling Wheelchair

Model YR05454
Seat Width 46 cm
Seat Depth 45 cm
Seat Height 51 cm
Backrest Height 42 cm
Overall Lengt 95 cm
Overall Width 65 cm
Overall Height 88 cm
Rear Wheel Size 24 inches
Front Wheel Size 8 inches
Folding Height 87 cm
Folding Length 92 cm
Folding Width 22 cm
Net Weight 18.4 kg
Gross Weight 20.4 kg
Frame Material Steel
Load  100 kg
Package Size 94 x 23 x 89 cm

Analysis of the best Wheelchair for the Medical Sector

How does the climbing wheelchair work?

Every society must guarantee its citizens fair living conditions, this of course includes people with physical disabilities...


What type of wheelchair is recommended for seniors?

Older people are more vulnerable in many ways, and over the years they may become dependent or disabled...


What are the applications of the child wheelchair?

Children may need to use a wheelchair for several reasons, including some type of injury that makes it impossible...


When is the use of a wheelchair necessary?

Wheelchairs are equipment designed to assist in the movement of people who have some kind of injury or disease...


Catalog of Wheelchair Models on Sale


Guides to becoming a Wheelchair Expert

Wheelchair equipment is essential products for the Medical Sector we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Benefits of Wheelchairs for Stairs 

The wheelchair, which allows people with disabilities to comfortably reach a place that previously would have...

What are the advantages of the bariatric Wheelchair?

When a personโ€™s mobility begins to depend on the use of a wheelchair, choosing the right one takes time and...

What type of Wheelchair is used for sports?

Practicing sports does not have to be a limitation for people with disabilities, since, as in the case of wheelchairs...

How does the Electric Wheelchair work?

The wheelchair often makes the difference between being a passive recipient or an active contributor. With the use of a wheelchair, a person can earn a living and help the family income, but without a wheelchair, that person can be...

Frequently Asked Questions about Wheelchairs

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