• Vertical autoclaves: they are specially designed for the sterilization of liquids and food in laboratories, pharmaceutical and food factories. These autoclaves make the process easier, safer, more accurate, reproducible, and easier to validate. The compact, space-saving design makes them ideal for small labs where space is tight and the increased chamber height (up to 50% more capacity) means they can handle most standard media bottles. .
  • Horizontal autoclaves: they are ideal for hospitals and laboratories, where high volume sterilization is required, such as academic facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology industries and research centers. These units efficiently meet the stringent sterilization requirements of your needs. It is suitable for all wrapped or unwrapped solid instruments, class A cavity instruments (dental handpieces and endoscopes), implantable instruments, dressing cloth and rubber tubing, among others. These autoclaves require minimal table space, making them an ideal sterilization solution for small clinics.

Types of Autoclaves a Lab may need

Horizontal Autoclave

These models of horizontal autoclaves are used in large-scale sterilization applications, specially designed to sterilize surgical equipment and instruments, in addition to having other uses depending on the industry where they are used; of this type of autoclaves we can find with drying and without drying, each with certain characteristics and medical and industrial uses.

They are also intended for the disposal of biological waste, reducing the risk of contamination, perform rapid sterilization, to obtain reproducible results and efficiently and effectively meet the demand for sterilization of chemical and biological laboratories, in addition to research centers, we at KALSTEIN

Vertical Autoclave

These equipment are especially used in laboratories to sterilize materials stable to heat, humidity and pressure; using a steam water pressure method, this being the most effective and fast; It allows to kill microorganisms, such as viruses, dangerous bacteria, sterilization uses the coagulation method to kill these microorganisms, there are materials that require a specific autoclave, depending on the conditions of the sample, according to the European standard EN 13060 of 2004, three basic classes of sterilization are distinguished.

Within the types of sterilizers are steam and vacuum, these same are subdivided into classes, we in KALSTEIN


In Kalstein you can find the ideal Autoclaves for your Laboratory

An autoclave is essentially a pressure vessel that uses pressure steam as a sterilizing agent. By increasing the pressure (above atmospheric pressure) the vapor can reach higher temperatures. The additional pressure increases the boiling temperature of the water. below we will show you several of them.

Touch Screen Horizontal Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave YR05643 // YR05646-1

The machine adopts cylindrical horizontal double-layer design structure, with chamber and jacket, which...


Horizontal Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave Automatic Vertical Sliding Door YR05651

YR05647 // YR05654 series horizontal pressure steam autoclave is the equipment that disinfects and...


Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer YR05747 // YR05753

The Plasma sterilizer takes H2O2 as sterilizing agent and form plasmatic state of H2O2 by electromagnetic...


Tabletop Autoclave Class B YR03387 // YR03390

Fully automatic tabletop autoclave, triple fractionated pre-vacuum, works with a precision method controlling pressure and temperature. 8 Liter, 12 Liter, 18 Liter...


Our Best Selling Lab Autoclave

YR05655 // YR05660 series vertical pressure steam autoclave is the equipment that disinfects and sterilizes the objects
with saturated steam, its structure is horizontal and heating way is electric heating. It is composed of
sterilization room, shell, door, steam generator, pipe system, control system, digital display system and
power-supply system.
It is widely used in CSSD, lab, scientific research institution, pharmaceutical, food industry and is suitable
for items which are high temperature-resisting and high pressure-resisting including unwrapped or wrapped

Analysis of the best Autoclaves for your Laboratory

The steam autoclave

Steam sterilization is the preferred method of sterilization and works by denaturing proteins. Steam autoclave is an equipment designed to use high...


Applications of Autoclave N, S and B

An autoclave is a piece of equipment that uses a combination of high pressure and steam in order to transfer...


Double door autoclave: Application

Double door autoclaves are a special type of autoclave used in clean rooms and containment suites...


What is an Autoclave for a dental clinic?

An autoclave is a fundamental piece of equipment to guarantee the safety of patients and professionals...


Catalog of models of Autoclaves on offer


Guides to Becoming an Autoclave Expert

Autoclaves are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert

The importance of the Autoclave in a Hospital

An autoclave is a device used to sterilize medical or laboratory material, using steam at high pressure and temperature.

The autoclave: an essential element - Autoclaves

The autoclave is a device designed to sterilize contaminated material and media, in order to reliably eliminate...

Autoclaves - How does an autoclave work?

Moist heat destroys microorganisms by coagulation of their cellular proteins. The main sterilization method...

Horizontal Autoclaves vs. Vertical

Laboratory sterilization has its own requirements. The choice of the right autoclave depends on different factors: the diversity of the load, the frequency of use, available services and the volumes of the loads...

Autoclave videos in operation

In this section you can find, our mother category in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc..

The process of using an Autoclave

An autoclave is a cylindrical instrument, vertical or horizontal, designed to work with a high internal pressure, and used to sterilize materials and instruments using water vapor at high pressure and temperature. This equipment consists of a metal container with thick walls and hermetic closure, which allows sterilizing under high pressure, ensuring maximum disinfection of all clinical, laboratory, and dental materials.

Its main objective is to eliminate microorganisms and spores settled in this type of instrumentation, coagulating their proteins and thus avoiding the spread of any type of infection or damage of raw materials and laboratory tests. Therefore, it is considered essential equipment to ensure the safety of patients and professionals in clinics, hospitals, and dental offices, since through its use, the required instruments are sterilized in these places. There are different models and types of autoclave

Frequently Asked Questions about Autoclaves

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