Class B Benchtop Autoclave YR03385B-YR03385C

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


8 liter, 12 liter, 18 liter and 23 liter tabletop autoclaves with class B pre-vacuum, complies with the European standard EN13060. These autoclaves require minimal space, being an ideal solution for small businesses such as tattoo, podiatric consultations, beauty salons, veterinary medicine and laboratories.

Excellent performance
  • Fully automatic tabletop autoclaves with pre-programmed sterilization cycles.
  • Chamber and door in stainless steel, with electro-polished finish.
  • High precision control system for perfect sterilization results.
  • Independent steam generator, provides enough steam for faster cycles.
  • Friendly interface for the user, it can be easily operated by the user.
  • LCD screen, continuously displays information about the cycle process.
  • Open type water tank, this feature makes it easier to fill water and clean the tank.
Monitoring and Security
  • The cycle will not start unless the door is properly closed.
  • Automated system with double safety locking device, prevents the door from opening while the chamber is pressurized (optional).
  • Safety valves prevent generator and chamber overpressure.
  • A safety thermostat prevents overheating in the chamber and the generator.
  • An automatic safety lock prevents accidental opening of the door during the sterilization process.
  • An electricity protector automatically cuts the power if somewhere you have a short circuit or the power supplier is not very stable.
  • Failure alarm, indicates a cycle failure and details the error code.
  • Door alarm, indicates that the door is not secured.
  • Low water alarm, indicates when the water tank is empty or too full.
  • Internal Printer: prints the detailed information of the program cycle. (optional).
  • USB port and USB memory: all the information of the program cycle is automatically described on the USB memory and can be read directly on any PC. (optional)
  • Internal memory: the information of the last 20 cycles is automatically stored in the autoclave system, which can be printed at any time.
Order Code YR03385B YR03385C
Chamber Dimension ร˜319×417 mm ร˜319×617 mm
Chamber Volume 29 L 45 L
Number of Trays 3 3
Material of Trays Stainless steel Stainless steel
Size of Trays 240×340 mm 240×540 mm
Voltage, Freq. 220/110V, 50/60Hz 220/110V, 50/60Hz
Power 2300 w 3800 w
Overall Dimension (WxHxD) 640x640x560 mm 840x640x560 mm
Weight 95 kgs 115 kgs


Program Temp. [ยทC] Pressure [Mpa] Sterilization time [min.]
QUICK 134 210 4
WRAPPED 134 210 10
121 110 30
PRION 134 210 18
B&D TEST 134 210 3.5
HELIX TEST 134 210 3.5


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YR03385B, YR03385C

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