PCR Thermocycler

A thermocycler is a laboratory equipment also called a thermal sequencer. This equipment allows to obtain the amplification of DNA molecules by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technique, through cyclical changes of temperatures that generate in turn the amplification of strands of this nucleic acid.

This instrument is used for qualitative amplifications or even to quantify the amount of amplified DNA. PCR enables a small amount of DNA molecules to be amplified many times, exponentially. The PCR technique is an automatic process and can be completed in just a few hours. This process is carried out completely in a thermocycler, which is programmed to change the reaction temperature every few minutes making possible the denaturation and synthesis of DNA.

Types of PCR Thermocycler that may need a Laboratory

PCR Thermal Cyclers YR01868

The YR01868 Thermal cycler is the flagship of Kalstein thermal cycling platform, offering unmatched…

Thermal Cyclers YR01867

The design of the independent module can help lab personnel utilize the intrument more efficiently and avoid the…

Thermal Cyclers YR01869

Reliable guarantee for the accuracy of the temperature. Temperature extended control mode which is…

Thermal Cyclers YR01870

The most advanced semiconductor technology (Peltier based). No matter how you configure your YR01870 gradient thermal…

Our best-selling PCR Thermocycler

The most advanced semiconductor technology (Peltier based). No matter how you configure your YR01870 gradient thermal cycler system, it provides the high-end performance you need, easily adapts to meet your labโ€™s changing PCR needs, and helps you stay within your budget. Designed for trouble-free, long-life operation even in the most rigorous environments, the YR01870 delivers outstanding reproducibility โ€“ well-to-well, sample-to-sample, and instrument-to-instrument.

Catalog of PCR Thermocyclers models on offer

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Guides to become an expert in Thermocyclers

PCR thermocyclers are essential products for the Medical Sector, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert                                                    

Thermal Cycler Protocols (PCR) – Laboratory

A thermal cycler is a laboratory equipment that allows to carry out the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) efficiently and quickly…

How to calibrate a Thermocycler? – Laboratory

Calibrating the thermal cyclers is an important process to take care of them. That is why all points of view must be clear…

Real-time thermocyclist, what is it? and uses

A real-time thermocyclist is a specialized tool used in molecular biology laboratories to efficiently and quickly carry out real-time…

Real-time thermocycler: How does it work?

Real-time thermocyclers are designed to deliver stable temperature, exceptional optical performance, accuracy and accuracy. These devices are widely used in various fields of science such as scientific research, clinical detection and diagnosis, forensic applications and quality assurance tests.

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