Thermal Cyclers YR01869

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Reliable guarantee for the accuracy of the temperature. Temperature extended control mode which is closer to required experiment temperature control and is able to effectively avoid the system error caused by the disaccord of the temperature points among the instrument’s display temperature, actual block temperature and the temperature required for reagents. So as to improve the accuracy of the experiment and ensure the high efficiency, strict temperature control debugging program makes sure that each instrument can meet the needs of different experiments.


12 channel temperature probes detect simultaneously, which ensure the homogeneity of sample temperature. The hermetic-space technique can efficiently eliminate PCR marginal effect. The technique of outside temperature probe tracing the inside curve testing can effectively ensure the accuracy of sample temperature.

Technical Specifications
Model YR01869
Block Formats 96×0.2ml(A),54×0.5ml(B),96×0.2ml+77×05ml(C),384well(D)
Temp Range 0℃~99.9℃
Display Interface 5.7’LCD
Max.Heating Ramp Rate 4.5℃/s
Max.Cooling Ramp Rate 4.0℃/s
Heating/Cooling adjustable rate 0.1℃/s~4.0℃/s
Uniformity ≤±0.2℃
Accuracy ≤±0.1℃
Gradient Temp Range 30~99℃
Thermal Gradient Span 1~30℃
Gradient Uniformity ≤0.2℃(single row)
Hot Lid Temp 20~110℃
Temp Control Mode Block,tube*
Memory Capacity 1000**
Max.No.of Cycle 999
Communication USB2.0/RS 232/RJ45
Intelligent Diagnosis 108
Size(W×D×H,mm) 380×270×250
Weight(kg) 7.8

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