Anaesthetic Machine

The anesthesia machine, is a hospital equipment that will it is primarily used for general sedation, regional, regional and intravenous immunization and resuscitation systems, its mechanism is based on a mechanical ventilator, breathing system, suction apparatus and patient monitoring instruments, through medicinal gases mixed with a concise concentration of anesthetic vapor, continuously at a pressure and adequate flow.

Usually the anesthetic machine, it consists of five main mechanisms, composed of elements and systems with their respective safety conditions, they are the supply of gases, flow meters, vaporizers, patient circuit including the mechanical ventilator and monitoring associated with the patient.

Types of Anesthesia Machine that the Medical Sector may require

Anesthesia Machines YR02197 // YR02062 // YR02063

The anesthesia machine provides an affordable and flexible anesthetic solution for now and the future...


Anesthesia Machines YR02064-YR02069

The anesthesia machine has integrated all the main modes of ventilation, such as assisted ventilation...


Our Top Selling Anesthesia Machine

  • The anesthesia machine has integrated all the main modes of ventilation, such as assisted ventilation, control ventilation and assistance-control ventilation. It offers complete control and has a clear screen interface to help perform administration and management of high quality anesthesia.
  •   The anesthesia machine offers a high accuracy output of only 20 mL.
  •   It has automatic tidal volume and compliance compensation.
  •   The anesthesia machine offers a spontaneous and manual respiratory MV monitoring function.
  •   Electronic PEEP function.
  •   The anesthesia management workstation uses latex-free and autoclavable components.
  •   Users can benefit from the tool-less maintenance and cleaning of this equipment.

Analysis of the best Anesthesia Machine for the Medical Sector

The anesthesia machine, a real invention

Becoming familiar with the anesthesia machine is one of the basic tasks for the anesthesiologist, for which...


What’s under the control of an anesthetic machine??

The anesthesia machine is a computer capable of introducing patients to anesthetic drugs that cause sedation...


What are the functions of an anesthetic machine?

This machine is undoubtedly an indispensable equipment in health care centers, clinics and hospitals...


What are the most common problems when using an anesthetic machine?

The correct functioning of medical teams in surgical interventions is of great...


Guides to becoming an expert in Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia Machine equipment are essential products for the Medical sector, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Tips to keep an Anesthetic Machine in good condition

Anesthesia machines are teams in charge of providing comfort to the doctor and safety to the patient, who...

What are the steps for using an Anesthetic  Machine?

Anesthesia machines are equipment basically used to keep the patient unconscious when surgery is done...

How do you understand an anesthetic machine?

The anesthesia machine, is a hospital equipment that will it is primarily used for general sedation, regional, regional and intravenous...

Anesthesia machine: Different types

Anesthesia machines are specialized medical equipment used to administer an anesthetic agent to a patient during a surgical procedure. This gas, or anesthetic agent, promotes the inhibition of the functioning of skeletal muscles. The equipment is a mixture...

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