Tips to keep an anesthetic machine in good condition

Anesthesia machines are teams in charge of providing comfort to the doctor and safety to the patient, who undergoes surgery and requires sedation. It should be noted, that the authorized to operate the team, is the anesthesiologist; and its function is to administer drugs by different routes in the human body, to bring it to a state in which surgery can be performed.

On the other hand, the effectiveness of the equipment implies preventive maintenance to maintain these equipment at an optimal point for use in the health complex. A well-guarded anesthetic machine not only works better, but will almost always last longer as well.

In addition, machines that take into account the need for configurations to be taken into account, recommendations for its proper operation, and premises for optimal handling, are basic measures to be taken into account when complying with proper maintenance, and will be timely to give useful life to equipment for the safety of patients.

Recommendations for Keeping Anesthesia Machines Functioning Properly

The anesthesia machines, they manage to attract dust and other particles of dirt, even though they are in the surgery room, considering that it tends to be a clean environment. Therefore, it is recommended to do a daily maintenance, to certify that it remains looking like new, preventing these elements affect its proper functioning. And for this, it is advisable:

  • Ensure that the water traps on the machine are not full, which can cause major problems on the machine, and even to the point of causing it to completely fail.
  • Keeping the batteries in good condition ensures that the equipment lasts longer.
  • Turning off the anesthetic machine every day is ideal if the anesthetic machine is not in use
  • Do daily leak tests, prevent the gas from impacting the patient fully or dispersing into the environment.
  • Check the characteristics of each of them and make the necessary adjustments beforehand, according to the recommendations of the manufacturers.
  • In case the use of anesthesia machines as ventilators is recommended, it is recommended to perform a pre-training on their operation.

Maintenance of the equipment is vital for its maintenance, and therefore, taking the appropriate and necessary measures, ensures that the equipment is protected from unexpected malfunctions, untimely system failure and rapid deterioration.

Measures to Optimize the Performance of the Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesiologists and nurse anesthesiologists employ anesthesia machines to help administer the same constantly providing medicinal gas to patients in need.

In addition, anesthesia machines also facilitate monitoring of the patient, crucially for patient safety, because a patient is fully sedated for any type of ailment during surgery, their body also sleepy, needs a ventilator and an element of aspiration to help them breathe and clean their airway.

All of these components come with several alarms designed to alert the anesthetist to any problem during surgery. Functions by which, they apply in any specialty that is appliedย .ย 

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