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November 23, 2021by Kalstein

The microscope is an instrument that allows observing elements or structures that can not be observed at the naked eye, through lenses, viewers and light rays, which bring or enlarge the image on scales suitable for examination and subsequent analysis. He was invented by the Dutch Zaccharias Janssen in the sixteenth century.


November 23, 2021by Kalstein

A pathologist is a doctor who specializes in pathological anatomy, a science that studies the pathophysiological and morphological alterations of the disease, that is, it studies the disease from its organic, tissue, cellular, subcellular, and molecular level. This professional is a highly qualified person, with solid theoretical and practical knowledge, which allows him to handle procedures in the investigation of diseases and possible diagnoses.


November 9, 2021by Kalstein

The microscope is an instrument that increases the size of an image and allows you to see more details than would be possible to perceive with the naked eye. The condenser of a microscope is a key part of a microscope, it focuses the light that passes through the stage of the microscope where the sample is placed, thus providing illumination, contrast and clarity in a uniform way to the sample.


October 25, 2021by Kalstein

A thermal cycler is a laboratory equipment that allows to carry out the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) efficiently and quickly, by means of the automatic and cyclical realization of the temperature changes that are required for the amplification of a chain. deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), from a thermostable enzyme. PCR enables a small number of DNA molecules to be amplified many times, exponentially.


October 22, 2021by Kalstein

A BOD (Biodemand Oxygen) incubator is a laboratory incubator used with the objective of maintaining the appropriate temperature for the growth of cell cultures, storage of bacterial cultures and the types of incubation where a high degree of temperature precision is needed.


October 18, 2021by Kalstein

The heating blanket is a laboratory equipment used mainly in chemistry and biology laboratories, whose main function is to apply heat, evenly, to several containers with samples inside. This equipment is designed for use with difficult to position flasks and funnels and offers an alternative to thermoregulated baths.


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