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In Kalstein we are dedicated to the manufacture and export of medical and laboratory equipment of high quality and duration, with reach in more than 20 countries.



For every purchase of a Kalstein product, it will be making a contribution to a foundation that fights against cancer.

Biological safety cabins

Biological safety booths protect the operator and the environment of any exposure and biological risks.

Binocular microscope

In Kalstein we put at your disposal, microscopes that meet the highest demands, whatever the application of work.


We have designed autoclaves that efficiently meet the strict safety and sterilization requirements.


High-range refrigerators guarantee excellent storage for your experiments and procedures.


High level of technology and precision that will allow you to obtain much more reliable results in your laboratory.

Table top centrifuges.

This is an essential team in the laboratory, there are several types, depending on the size, sample capacity and rotor.


They are equipment necessary for any laboratory that performs cell cultures and tissue work.


Benefits and backup.

In Kalstein, we take care of the full satisfaction of our customers, that is why we provide value-added services of the highest level based on our experience.

Technical service

We provide value-added services that will allow you to make the most of your products.


We provide expert advice with recommendations based on experience.


We take care of the entire dispatch, terrestrial and / or air procedure.


We offer the necessary support for any problem that the equipment may have during the warranty period of manufacturing failures.


Our specialized staff can take care of the entire installation process at your establishment.

Dissemination of information

You can use our media to share your experiments, work and / or results.


With every purchase of a Kalstein you will be contributing your grain of sand to foundations that fight against breast cancer.

Quick response

Experts and collaborators are always available to clarify doubts and support you in any situation.

Contact us to know prices, logistics and delivery times.


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The centrifuges: between science and industry.

In 1848 the first centrifuge was created for the purification of sugarcane…

November 24, 2022Articulos

Recirculation chillers are highly efficient and safe equipment with energy saving capabilities for water condensation for various sectors. These equipment are designed to meet natural cooling processes using water as a coolant and transmit the right climate to the environment before thermal situations. Its operation is based on different mechanisms, using the condensation of refrigerating water for refrigeration installations for industrial, commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, etc.

November 24, 2022Articulos

Recirculation coolers are units composed of closed circuits responsible for controlling the temperature to provide comfort to the space you want, are airtight equipment and protect the circulation of air away from pollutants present in the environment. Basically, they work with water that passes inside the machine to the recirculation cooler.

November 24, 2022Articulos

Recirculation chillers are ideal compressor-based equipment that provide exceptional utility and high reliability as well as quiet, easy-to-use work. It is made of stainless steel materials with anti-corrosion and anti-liquid pollution functions at low temperature. With the use of this equipment, tap water can be cooled in laboratory concentrations, based on mechanisms that provide performance and accuracy.


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