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– Search for a product by keywords or product reference (search magnifying glass)

Click on the small magnifying glass that is right on the top menu. Then in the search bar, enter your keywords or product references. Click OK and the results list will be displayed.

– Look for a product by the “Products” tab

Click on the “Products” tab on the top menu of the page. Then, choose a tab in the product menu that appears on the right according to the category you are looking for. You can select a subcategory option to reduce the results or you can also directly select the product of your choice according to the models that will be displayed.

[/bt_text][/bt_accordion_items][bt_accordion_items headline=”What are the delivery times?”][bt_text]

The delivery time of your KALSTEIN product will depend on the following:

  • If the team of interest is in stock or if on the contrary it should be manufactured.
  • The type of freight you have chosen, this may be; Aerial or maritime.

Equipment In Stock:

– Delivery time (AREE): 15-30 days.

– Delivery time (Maritime): 45-60 days.

Equipment that are not in stock:

– Delivery time (AREE): 30-60 days.

– Delivery time (Maritime): 60-90 days.

[/bt_text][/bt_accordion_items][bt_accordion_items headline=”What is the cost of maritime shipping?”][bt_text]

[/bt_text][/bt_accordion_items][bt_accordion_items headline=”How does the guarantee work?”][bt_text]

All Kalstein teams have a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not cover the damage caused by poor installation or operation by the user, transport defects or uses different from those specified by the manufacturer. The guarantee excludes electrical or consumable parts. For more information visit our “Terms and Conditions” by clicking HERE.

In Kalstein we facilitate our customers inducements and technical support through new online methods. You can visit our Induction videos, technical assistance and guidance provided by a KALSTEIN team through our YouTube channel (Kalstein English).

[/bt_text][/bt_accordion_items][bt_accordion_items headline=”How to make a purchase?”][bt_text]

You can make your purchase through:

  1. By email: [email protected]
  2. By telephone: +33 04 67 15 88 49
  3. ELECTRONIC TRADE: Through the official Kalstein website in your country.

[/bt_text][/bt_accordion_items][bt_accordion_items headline=”Is there a minimum order amount?”][bt_text]

There is not a minimum amount to place an order.

[/bt_text][/bt_accordion_items][bt_accordion_items headline=”How and when to pay my order?”][bt_text]

The payment method is pre-payment. You can make the payment of your order through:

  1. Bank transfer (our IBAN appears in all our business documents).
  2. Credit or debit card from the official Kalstein website.


[/bt_text][/bt_accordion_items][bt_accordion_items headline=”How I can keep track of my order?”][bt_text]

-To track desu asked, you can:

1. Contact the Department of Commercial Administration of Kalstein France:

2. If you make your order through the electronic commerce of the official Kalstein website, GetRackearsu order thanks to your NUMBERDEODESDE DHL website.

[/bt_text][/bt_accordion_items][bt_accordion_items headline=”Can I request an online quote?”][bt_text]

Of course, you can request a quote for a Kalstein equipment of your interest directly from our official website. Once you have identified the model of your preference, click HERE

[/bt_text][/bt_accordion_items][bt_accordion_items headline=”Can I be a distributor of the Kalstein brand?”][bt_text]

Undoubtedly! Send us the following form completed https://www.kalstein.pl/distributors/ plus the following information:

  1. Region
  2. Name of your company
  3. Why would you like to work on the Kalstein team?

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