Laboratory Shaker: What are its uses and importance?

A stirrer is an instrument used in laboratories mostly for chemistry and biology, it is used to mix solutions or preparations, suspensions, these liquids that are going to be mixed or stirred are placed in glasses, tubes or flasks, since its inception the manual stirrer fulfilled the function of mixing liquids, with technological advances, agitator systems are used in all scientific, industrial, chemical, biology laboratories, among others.

We can find from a simple stirrer that has a surface or plate to magnetic stirrers, and varied models to meet the needs and different processes of mixing, suspension, dispersion, homogenization, heat transfer that are carried out between liquids or between liquids and solids with In order to achieve these processes, agitation is carried out in different ways, depending on the type of agitator used.

Uses of Laboratory Shakers

The main function of laboratory shakers is to shake liquid media, through different processes and types of shaking; conveniently, this device is the ideal complement for any laboratory, they can carry out different processes, such as crystallizing, fumigating, homogenizing, etc. Laboratory stirrers come in different types such as magnetic stirrers, vertical stirrers, handheld stirrers, and other stirring systems.

In addition to the remarkable use of agitators, which is to mix, they are also used to introduce highly reactive liquid substances by means of runoff, by means of this action the risks of causing an accident are reduced; We must also take into account their classification to highlight their uses, since some are used to heat and mix at the same time at a constant temperature and movement, so we invite you to continue reading the article.

General components of Laboratory Shakers

Normally, this equipment is generally made up of two components, mainly the propulsion system, which is the agitator motor, and second, but just as important, is the fundamental rod that transmits the movement of the motor to the environment; now, depending on the medium and the process, laboratory shakers have different functions and possibilities.

Depending on the models and the manufacturer, laboratory shakers can have more components, in addition to accessories, which increase their effectiveness and efficiency, these accessories improve and expand their applications; providing a very easy handling. Other components are related to the current models, such as the keys on the front that regulate the speed of the agitation, and the electrical part that is simple and practical, integrated into the casing that improves its functionality.

Types of Laboratory Shakers

If you are thinking of purchasing a stirrer for your laboratory and want to know how many exist on the market and which one suits your type of work, here are the ones you can find on the market

Magnetic stirrers.
The magnetic stirring bar.
Rod or vertical agitators.
Vortex mixers.
Tray shakers.
orbital shakers.
roller agitators.
Ferris wheel agitators.
KALSTEIN brand laboratory stirrers.
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