Tube shakers in a laboratory

Tube shakers in a laboratory are equipment used in laboratories to mix tubes with liquid, and thus obtain homogeneous suspensions. They consist of an electric motor with a vertically oriented drive shaft attached to a lightly mounted rubber piece or arm attached to a movable rack.

These devices allow to gently mix and forcefully resuspend cells and liquid components in tubes, with a high degree of efficiency and precision when mixing, compared to other equipment with the same characteristics; For this reason, it is considered a very useful tool since it is used to mix substances and allows you to save time in the agitation of liquids.

How is a tube stirrer made up?

A tube shaker is usually comprised of an electric motor with the shaft connected to a cup-shaped rubber part mounted slightly off center, or to a moving rack. The rubber piece’s motor oscillates rapidly in a circular motion. When a test tube is pressed into the rubber cup (or its rim is touched), the motion is transmitted to the liquid inside and a vortex is created.

They feature a different speed setting that can be adjusted for continuous use. As the engine is running, the rubber piece rapidly oscillates in a circular motion. When a test tube or other suitable container is pressed into the rubber cup, the movement is transmitted to the interior of the liquid and a vortex is created, thus effectively mixing the solution.

Most vortexers are designed in 2- or 4-plate formats, have variable speed settings between 100 and 3,200 rpm, and can be set to run continuously or to run only when downward pressure is applied to the rubber piece.

How is a tube stirrer used?

A tube shaker is designed to be used with one tube or multiple tubes as needed. It has two modes of operation, continuous agitation and contact.

To begin using this device, you must place the shaker on a stable, level surface near a grounded outlet. It is recommended that the surface be clean and free of dust to ensure that the feet of the equipment are firmly attached to the surface. Allow enough free space on all sides of the unit for proper ventilation. With the switch in the OFF position, plug the power cord into a grounded outlet.

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