What are the characteristics of a Color Evaluation Box?

It is important, as the perception of the human eye can be transmitted from millions of colors, which is interesting, in how each individual perceives it and according to different perceptions, resulting in expensive color problems for manufacturers and suppliers. So with the color evaluation box, it allows you to assess the shades of objects, and express them accurately to other people, using a consistent language and standard.

The color evaluation box, is a tool that has attractive characteristics, suitable and applicable, for all factories that need to perform color contrast tests, such as graphic arts, photography, textile, printing, plastics, ceramics, laboratories, etc., that wish to maintain the balance of color and quality, from different light sources. 


Appreciation of colors through an evaluation box, allows quantifying the attributes that samples have, which allow to be appreciated due to the qualities or features they have, which are:

  • Automatic transformation between light sources, different vision in the same color.
  • The most common sizes are 50×50 cm, 60×60 cm, 75×75 cm, 120×120 cm, and up to 150×150 cm.
  • They do not heat or blink, allow rapid assessment, and allow rapid, reliable assessment of the sample.
  • It uses little energy, no heat emission and efficient lighting.
  • Convenient size to use for laboratory or production line.
  • They have different lights, and are controlled by a microprocessor LCD that displays each lighting usage time.
  • The buttons control the individual set of lights.
  • All lights can be turned on at the same time according to the user’s needs.

Therefore, all electrical mechanisms used, are low energy consumption and heat reproduction, and what you can see from the samples, will be as natural as what you can see under the natural color.

Techniques for use

When adding a color assessment box to the work set, the appropriate size has to be taken into account, it will very much depend on the sample to be captured. Therefore, techniques of use are used, so that the sample is obviously the best, which have much to do with the position in which the products are placed, inside the boxes. Thus, it is advisable to add at least 10 centimeters to each side of the object, since with a piece of 15 centimeters, it is preferable to be made with a box of at least 50 x 50cm, without it being too tight and difficult to work, in this way, the user will get the best results.

Likewise, another technique has a lot to do with the participation of light, because they have to be intense enough, so that the effect that occurs on the object, is better distributed over the piece that you want to visualize.

In addition, it can be noted, that lighting normally influences with artificial light sources, resulting in more detailed images, without shadows, with a uniform enveloping light, ideal for displaying samples, such as pieces of jewelry, metallic pieces, footwear, etc; since it can be achieved in most cases, to stand out without illumination points and allows you to see the object in great detail.

Kalstein Brand Color Evaluation Box

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