Features of Color Evaluation Boxes for the textile sector

Clothing and fabrics in general, are a basic element in everyday life, there are many brands and many models, in which color is of vital importance in the first impression and as an aspect that differentiates one brand from another of the competition. Color is one of the aspects that generally attracts the attention of people who acquire a product, for this reason it is necessary that companies ensure the continuity of colors in the same, so that their sales do not decrease and there are no disparate colors between equal products.

To achieve this, color evaluation boxes, also known as color combination cabinet, color combination box or viewing booth, among others, are used. This equipment is a very useful tool in industries where color consistency is vital, such as the textile industry. With the use of color evaluation boxes, the error is reduced as the product is tested with a stable light in an equally stable environment. Since, in different light and weather conditions, there is different radiant energy, when the energy radiates on an article, differences in color may appear, compared to the original. This difference can lead to erroneously selecting the color of a piece that will be mass produced, which can cause discomfort to users, you probably want a specific color. Herein lies the importance of this fundamental team in the textile industry. Color evaluation cabinets are not only used in the textile industry, they are also important in the automotive industry, in ceramics and photography, among others.

Color Evaluation Boxย 

Because color may be perceived differently by people, people must have the tools to measure color consistently. In order to do this, it is required to perform a standardized procedure and the first step would be to have a standardized area of visualization, such as the color evaluation box.

Color evaluation boxes or cabinets are a tool widely used in industries where it is essential to maintain a consistency in colors, from different light sources. These devices are generally equipped with lamps that send light from different angles and provide a stable environment to achieve optimal results. Having a color evaluation booth has the following benefits:

  • Minimize ambient light intensity that could interfere with color measurements.
  • It does not require pre-heating, allowing for rapid, high-accuracy assessment.
  • Because it does not need warming, it consumes little heat.
  • It has high luminosity efficiency because it doesn’t consume heat.

Functions of the color evaluation box in textile companies

The colors look different under different light sources, to reduce or eliminate these measurement errors when performing a contrast or an evaluation of some textile part, color evaluation boxes are used, which are responsible for simulating different light sources in order to obtain a correct measurement of color each time a measurement is made.

Large-scale textile parts usually need uniform shades, as color is a key feature of products and should not vary between parts. The color evaluation box reduces the challenges associated with this and the producer evaluation in different environments, since with different lights, the color could look different, so a piece is necessary to standardize this.

Kalstein Brand Color Evaluation Boxes

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  • Presence of multiple light sources (D65, TL84, CWF, TL83/U30, F, UV)
  • Comply with or exceed major international standards for color visual evaluation, including: ASTM D1729, ISO3664, DIN, ANSI and BSI.
  • Easy to operate.

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