Automatic Vertical Sliding Door Rapid Cooling Culture Medium Sterilizer YR05758-1

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Product Description

YR05758-1 Series culture medium sterilizer adopts steam and air mixed gas as sterilization medium, widely used in pharmaceutical, biological engineering, scientific research and other fields, mainly for pre-potting syringe, soft bag, plastic bottle packaging liquid, culture medium, tissue culture and other articles sterilization treatment.

  • Vertical sliding door opening and closing structure, motor chain drives the door up and down vertical lift sliding open and close, without manual operation, saving space occupation.
  • Dual door passage type, dual door interlocking, with pressure safety interlocking, liquid program with temperature door safety interlocking.
  • Pneumatic pressure-driven sealing ring for automatic sealing, a new high-quality high tear resistant silicone rubber circular door sealing ring, a specially coated surface, wear-resistant and smooth, with better sealing effect and longer service life, up to 2000 cycles.
  • The main structure is rectangular section, European ring reinforcement jacket without flange structure. The sealing groove is welded directly on the ring jacket at both ends.
  • The material of the inner chamber and door are made of AISI 316L, the jacket material is AISI 304, and the built-in steam generator material is AISI 316L. The inner surface of the chamber, door and evaporator is mechanically polished and electrolytically polished, and the surface roughness is less than or equal to 0.4.
  • Control system: Imported Siemens programmable controller PLC and color touch screen, the whole process automatic program control, automatic display running process status, temperature, pressure, F0 value, time and other parameters.
Technical Specifications
Model YR05758-1
Chamber Size
Overall dimensions
Power 22 kw
Generator design pressure 1.0 MPa
Sterilization temperature control accuracy ยฑ0.2โ„ƒ
Design temperature 150โ„ƒ
Temperature uniformity ยฑ0.5โ„ƒ
Max. operating temperature 139โ„ƒ
Max. operating temperature 139โ„ƒ
Chamber relief valve 0.28MPa
Maximum operating pressure 0.25MPa
Jacket relief valve 0.28 MPa


Additional Information

Weight 930 kg
Dimensions 142 × 135 × 205 cm

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