Patient monitors: how should they be used?

These workstations are part of the essential medical equipment in clinical centers, a patient monitor is a device that, combined with a system that is made up of different parameters, allows constant monitoring and storage of the patient’s vital signs; for this reason it is important that its use is as easy and simple to read.

A monitor is made up of an alarm system that detects, processes and displays the patient’s physiological parameters. It is essential to recognize that each sign works and is read differently; However, thanks to these alarms, if any of these parameters generates an unusual activity, the alarm will be activated. This is an advantage offered by patient monitors, which facilitates the work of the nursing staff.

Parameters that are collected by a patient monitor

  • Heart rate: the electrical activity of the heart is collected using electrodes and amplified.
  • Respiratory rate: Collects and amplifies the respiratory movements of the chest.
  • The amount of oxygen in the patient is determined by his pulse.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Respiration (RESP)
  • Temperature (TEMP)
  • Non-invasive pressure (NIBP)

Areas displayed on a Patient Monitor

  • Information area: The message area is at the bottom of the screen, it shows the current status of the monitor and the patient.
  • Waveform (menu area): The waveform area can display a maximum of 7 waveforms.
  • Parameters area: The parameters area is located on the right side of the waveform area, whose position basically corresponds to the waveform.

Design of patient monitors

Due to the importance of this equipment, they are designed to offer facilities for use, observation and communication necessary for medical personnel, in addition to its structure and design, each parameter is divided into a simple and separate module that, if it presents any failure, can be replaced automatically. individually by a simple mechanical operation.

All the basic functions are easy to configure in a minimum of time, easy to connect to the patient, adjust the scales, alarm limits, select the information to be displayed including alarms, parameters, silence times, the display on the screen must be clear At a distance and from various angles, the curves and numerical information produced by the parameters should be obvious, the controls for critical functions and alarms should not be confusing, but simple and obvious, the monitor should be of a size that is convenient within of the application area.

How should a patient monitor be used?

  • Adjust the alarms depending on the conditions of the patients.
  • Change the sensitivity of the curves.
  • On the monitor, the use of small references or help messages is recommended to explain a function or operation that is not very obvious or to help users with functions that are not used frequently.
  • The cables connected to the patient must be easily accessible and not positioned in such a way that they hinder the visibility of the screen.
  • Careless switching from monitor mode to service mode should be avoided.
  • Alarms should be operational as soon as the patient is connected to the monitor and monitoring has begun.
  • The alarm limits should be initialized by default to values โ€‹โ€‹that are reasonable for each parameter.
  • The limit values โ€‹โ€‹of the most critical parameters (ECG, respiration, non-invasive pressure, invasive pressure, SpO2) must be present during continuous monitoring.

Characteristics of KALSTEIN patient monitor designs

  • 8.4-inch touch screen;
  • Recessed handle and 1.6kg weight, easy to carry;
  • Capable of using the module, available EtCO2 and anesthetic depth monitoring modules;
  • 5 hours of battery life, covers the patience transfer requirement;
  • Compatible vehicle power supply;
  • Additional parameters and options: SpO2 Masimo (Rainbow), SpO2 Nellcor, 2 to 8 Invasive Pressures, Anesthetic Agent Analysis, CO2 (MainStream, SideStream, MicroStream), FiO2, Invasive and Non-Invasive Cardiac Output, printer module.

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