Surgical tables for operations: What are your accessories?

Surgical tables for operations are specialized tables used in operating theaters to position the patient during a surgical procedure. They consist of a main platform, on which the patient can sit or lie down according to the need, and a central base that allows to adjust the height and inclination of the table.

Currently, operating tables can be presented as stationary or mobile units, the configuration and table settings help to place the patient in the desired position. Surgical operating tables use a power source to make various adjustments, such as height or tilt. These tables can be classified into universal operating tables and special operations tables, which in turn are classified into different models, depending on the medical specialties in which they are used for example ophthalmological, gynecological, orthopedic, among others.

Accessories of surgical tables

Having the correct surgical tables with the best accessories is of vital importance because it is thanks to this the operating room staff can provide the appropriate care depending on the needs presented by the patient who must undergo a certain type of surgery.

Surgical tables used in operating theaters to perform different types of operations must have a series of accessories that help facilitate the work of surgeons, as well as provide greater comfort and security to patients who undergo a surgical procedure. The main accessories that this medical team must have are:

  • Clamps
  • Arm panels
  • Patient’s lateral transfer devices
  • Fluid Handling System (FMS)
  • Straps for fastening
  • Head Brackets:
  • Anesthesia Screens


They are usually flat leaf and round pole. Although they are one of the simplest accessories, they are totally very essential as many other accessories, such as stirrups, arm boards, anesthesia screen, are fixed to the table by means of tweezers.

It should be noted that the side rails are not always the same width, so it is important to make sure that the tweezers can adapt to these variations.

Head Brackets

Different types of surgical procedures or surgeries performed inside an operating room require different head positions. Therefore, it is important to have a wide range of head supports to be able to perform the different surgical procedures.

These supports can include various head supports, gel pads and cushions.

Fluid Handling System (FMS)

Many of the surgical procedures, for example, in urology services make it.

They are equipment that allows fluid containment during the surgical process.  This system has a drain tray, drain ring and drain bag and may have disposable or reusable systems.

Arm panels

Arm boards are very important positioning devices in all surgery. Although they are simple devices in terms of design and function, they have the property of providing a very suitable support of vital positioning.

Ideally, they should have the ability to quickly attach themselves to the surgical table, they should also be able to adjust very easily and they should have the ability to provide safety and stability to both the patient and all operating room staff.

Patient’s lateral transfer devices

There are three levels of devices that can be used to transfer patients. The most basic level, which is almost not currently used, can be a sheet or a board, but this can lead to injuries to staff and patients.

The second level is roller devices, which make it easy to transfer patients, while the preparation time is minimized, as there is no preparation. The last option is the most expensive, but at the same time it may be the best option for patients who have a higher weight. Air-assisted transfer devices allow for easy and trouble-free transfer, but can take a little more preparation time.

Anesthesia Screens

The anesthetic screens allow the patient to be separated from the surgical field, which can protect him from any discomfort.

These screens also help control infection that can occur inside an operating room or operating room.

Straps for fastening

Patient safety is usually the top priority and securing the patient with restraint straps is very important.

The fastening straps must be made of durable material, as they are the best because they ensure, in addition to providing comfort, ease of cleaning to which they must be subjected.

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