Laboratory homogenizer: What are the different types that exist?

These equipments allow obtaining nanoparticles, nano dispersions, nano emulsions and cell rupture at high pressure. It is widely used in laboratories as it facilitates testing with small amounts of sample and ensures quality results; this procedure is a very common step in the preparation of biological samples before analysis of nucleic acids and proteins, or the study of cells, metabolism, pathogens and many other targets.

This apparatus is used with a variety of samples that makes it an indispensable equipment in the medical, biological and industrial laboratory, since it is used in samples such as tissues, plants, food, soil, and many others; The models of these devices can be found in different classification, from those used in the industries to those used in laboratories, in KALSTEIN we can offer you different models but very complete with the requirements of any demanding laboratory. 

Different types of homogenizers

Generally speaking, we can name and classify homogenizers as follows, according to the materials to be mixed and the purpose for which they are required; i.e. for metabolism and cell studies, cell biology research, food industry and food production:

  • Blender: this equipment consists of a glass or steel jug and a propeller coupled to the engine, which allows uniform homogenization of the samples.
  • Palette homogenizer: This equipment consists of a sterile plastic bag, where the sample and the diluent are inserted. Then the pallets hit the bag constantly to get the emulsion of the sample.
  • Ultrasonic homogenizer: It is used for soft and small particles, it is the most advanced, its operation consists of passing the liquid through high pressure homogenization valves constantly, thus reaching the sample mixture.
  • Multi-Sample Homogenizer: the advantage of this homogenizer is its ability to emulsify several different samples at the same time, using differentiated and disposable tubes. The homogenization is faster, by means of the system of self-coupling and uncoupling of multiple preparation probes without stress.
  • Mechanical Shaker: it allows the sample to be swiftly and steadily stirred until a homogeneous emulsion is created, reaches an agitation of up to 50,000 mpas of viscosity and through its microprocessor achieves its high precision. 

Utility and applications of the laboratory homogenizer

  • Used in research and development facilities.
  • It is the ideal equipment for the development of dairy and food applications.
  • They are used in the process of homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, deagglomeration and wet milling, cell disruption and disintegration, extraction, degasification, as well as sonochemical processes.
  • For milk homogenizer, such as drinks and ice cream mixer.
  • They are used in the field of biology and biochemistry.

Homogenization techniques

This means that the cell breaking process can be performed through the following techniques:

  • Shearing forces produced by liquids.
  • Shearing forces produced by solids.
  • Forces produced by a gaseous cavitation mechanism.

This technique tries to disintegrate the tissues and break the cells, with the least damage to the plasma membrane.

Types of homogenizers brand KALSTEIN

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