How a laboratory heating blanket works. What are they used for?

This equipment allows to apply heat uniformly, avoiding possible risks in chemistry and biology laboratories; a heating blanket comes equipped with a flexible and insulated heating device, which allows containers to be positioned directly on them, with the advantage that, those made of glass, risk breaking.

The use of heating blankets is one of the best known and safe methods for heating a reaction mixture, most of them have a hemispherical design and come in a variety of sizes to suit various shapes.

How a heating blanket works

  • It works with a distillation ball that is inserted into a woven basket. The liquid to be tempered or heated is placed inside the distillation balloon.ย 
  • Heating blankets take a little time to heat, so they can preheat during installation and also take a little time to cool.
  • These blankets produce their energy by turning voltage into heat.ย 
  • Check the heating blanket for damage such as scratches or perforations.
  • Make sure the voltage of the is the right one for the temperature controller.ย 
  • Install the heating blanket around the flask.
  • Connect the sensor according to the temperature controller instructions.
  • Check that the heating blanket is in contact with the surface you want to heat. It should be tightly attached to the glass bottle.
  • When you have already installed the blanket, connect it to the temperature controller.

Uses of heating blankets

  • Distillation, extraction, digestion, boiling and evaporation processes in laboratories.
  • Institutions of secondary or higher education.
  • Quality control analysis.
  • Industrial applications.
  • They prevent ice and snow accumulation on satellite dishes.
  • Apply heat evenly.
  • They can agitate the samples, whether or not they have adjustable temperature controller, provide limited heating time.
  • Distribute heat without creating condensed water and can be heated without flames and safely up to 100ยฐC.

Types of heating blankets brand KALSTEIN

  • Heating Cloth YR05055 // YR05058: Large heating area, uniform heating and fast heating, and the maximum temperature can be 380 ยฐ C.ย 
  • Multiple Heating Blanket YR05049 // YR05054: YR multi-heating blankets are designed for repetitive extraction (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet and other extraction procedures), laboratory reflux and distillation applications.
  • Heating blanket YR05039 // YR05048: Once the molding casing is made of cold rolled steel sheet with surface spray treatment.
  • Heating blanket YR05021 // YR05036: nicrom heating wire, garbage heating time, long service life. Easy handling, wide application

Characteristics of KALSTEIN heater blankets

These devices have a series of precision features and technology that only KALSTEIN can offer:ย 

  • Space-saving design of the extraction mantle.
  • Separate and independent temperature control in each different condition.
  • The internal heating element consists of soft fiberglass, protected against damage to the flask.
  • Precise PID temperature control meets the needs of high precision experiments.
  • Adopt a brushless DC motor, have stable performance, low noise, long service life and have no spark The layer is resistant to high temperatures, anti-corrosion and has a good insulation property.
  • Precise PID temperature control meets the needs of high precision experiments.
  • Digital type single position rods have outer sensor, multi position rods have inner sensor, optional outer sensor.

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