Ball warm-up blanket: types and uses

November 8, 2022by Kalstein

A balloon heating mantle is a laboratory instrument that allows you to position, isolate, heat and mix containers such as round-bottomed balloons. Adapting in this way to multiple processes that require temperature and even agitation frequently used in laboratories since they can also include this function as an accessory.

A volumetric flask is a container or vessel that is generally used in laboratories to accurately measure the specific volume of liquids, distill substances, precipitate or dissolve compounds, cool or heat liquids, and to prepare solutions. These containers have a flat base and a long, narrow neck with markings known as capacity that indicate the level of capacity for the liquid inside the container, facilitating and guaranteeing the exact measurement of liquids.

Structure and function of a ball warm-up blanket

The heating blankets can be made of fabrics or more rigid constructions, some can be made of stainless steel with electrostatic paint coating, with its heating element covered by high thermal resistance fiberglass. These equipments can obtain different temperature ranges and have varied regulation levels, as well as an element that provides agitation. They provide a short heating duration, distribute heat without creating condensed water, do not produce flames and are safe equipment for heating above 100°C.

Types of heating blankets

Currently, thanks to technological development, there is a wide variety of blankets in different sizes and in various shapes:

  • Heating blanket with integrated temperature control: This blanket warms and controls the temperature with its infinite range control and maintains a stable temperature. Heats up to 450°C. The interior is made of fiberglass fabric and the exterior has an aluminum shell. This blanket can be used on a magnetic stirrer without problems and can be adapted to a digital controller.
  • Blanket for spherical bottom cylindrical reactor: This blanket is usually made with ceramic fiber heater and chrome-nickel resistance. It has infinite range temperature control that allows you to regulate a stable temperature; its shape allows heating cylindrical reactors with a spherical bottom.
  • Magnetic Stirring Heating Mantle: This mantle magnetically stirs, heats and controls temperature with its infinite range control and maintains a stable temperature. Heats up to 450°C. With its continuous use motor it regulates the speed so that it is stable. The interior is made of fiberglass fabric and the exterior has an aluminum shell, with metal protection and integrated magnetic agitation for spherical flasks.
  • Multiple heating mantle: This mantle allows to heat spherical flasks in a delicate and uniform way, it can be used for the soxhelt extractor, to make refluxes and distillations. It is manufactured with an aluminum cover and a steel cabinet with an epoxy-polyester coating. The heater is made of fiberglass with chrome-nickel resistance. It features independent infinite range temperature control for each heater.

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