Advantages of Safety Cabinets for Plant Protection Products

Safety cabinets are necessary modules for the safety of workplaces, and the insulation of any chemical to the environment. They are safe compartments, created to provide protection against risk factors, such as fire or water, and are also equipped with security closures.

That is why chemicals must be stored in safe areas, with adequate temperature and humidity levels, to protect the integrity of them and their packaging, so it should not store large amounts of flammable substances in laboratories, workshops or printing, because of its high danger.

Therefore, for the conservation and care of plant protection products, they should be stored in appropriate areas, in places protected from the sun, low temperatures or inclement weather, to avoid deformation. In this way, safety cabinets have advantages for the safety of these chemicals, known as agrochemicals, which protect the health of plants and food.

Functions of Security Cabinets

In all workplaces that have products of all kinds, especially delicate, such as contaminants, corrosives, flammable, phytosanitary, etc., they need to have an efficient, safe and hygienic form of storage. In this case, security cabinets are a correct way to collect products that need to be blocked by the protection of people working in the area, and by the safety and care of the workplace.

To this end, the security cabinets have functional elements, such as

  • Comply with Chemical Storage Regulations
  • Storage spaces must be integrated, and made of material suitable for the substance you need to store
  • Have automatic opening and closing methods
  • Have air extraction system
  • Possess security lock to prevent access to unauthorized personnel
  • Great Fire Resistance
  • Authorized to be placed in any area where dust or gases accumulate and may cause an explosion.

According to the above, over time, the different security cabinets have been specialized to be able to contain products and substances of various characteristics, so that you can acquire the cabinet that best fits your needs.

Elements of Cabinets for Plant Protection Products

When dealing with plant protection products and contaminants, risk factors such as natural ventilation, the degree of openness of the door or the cutlery should be taken into account. Also, it includes the construction of the safety cabinet, where it should be resistant, steel being the most recommended, since it has retention systems, ideal for farmers, horticulturists, agricultural cooperatives, local governments and the like.

They are ideal for storing plant protection products such as pesticides, insecticides or fungicides, among others. Likewise, the cabinet from the outside, must have resistance to rain and ease to evacuate rainwater. Of course, it is very important to store products such as acids and bases in accordance with the regulations according to each unit, of the security cabinets.

Security Storage Cabinets Brand Kalstein

It is important to have environmentally responsible equipment, which protects you from flammable products and substances, and our Security Storage Cabinets, comply with all this. They are available in various colors and capacities, but all protect flammable products avoiding any situation in the face of any danger.

They belong to the YR series, and have attractive features such as two locks, two managers. Double security, lock and closet lock, standardized management, safety factor, among others.

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