What tests are performed in a pathology laboratory?

This area of medicine studies the morphological basis of the disease, that is, it is based on direct observation of the organ suffering from a disease, laboratories that are dedicated to this area carry out certain research methods such as microscopic observation based on histological, histochemical, electron microscope, immunohistochemical techniques, and more recently, of molecular techniques of special application in the pathology of cancer.

This type of laboratory is characterized by the absence of direct contact with the patient, although it is undoubtedly the specialty to which all physicians who need a diagnosis to establish a treatment to the pathological symptoms presented by the patient are directed; the result of this is an anatomopathological report that is generated by integrating the information obtained through the examination of tissue or cell samples that are made in the laboratory of pathological anatomy with different procedures, with the clinical information of the patient.ย 

Tests that are performed in a pathology laboratory

Both in public and private health centers, the pathological anatomy laboratories provide a medical service consisting of processing biopsy and cytology samples by specialized technical staff, so that they can then perform a microscope examination, interpretation and diagnosis by a pathologist. Some pathology tests include the Pap test, thyroid puncture, and cancer cell analysis. These studies are done from a tissue sample, when biopsy is needed. The tissue may be the breast, skin, liver, tumor or any other organ in the body.ย 

Biopsy studies are one of the common and basic functions in pathological anatomy laboratories, as it is the most effective method to diagnose and prevent tumor and non-tumor pathologies, so the general services provided by a pathological anatomy laboratory are as follows:

  1. Biopsy and cytology processing.
  2. Intraoperative biopsies.
  3. Advice on the conduct and dispatch of immunohistochemistry studies to other centers.
  4. Biopsies and Surgical Parts.
  5. Gynecological Exfoliative Cytology.
  6. Non-Gynecological Exfoliative Cytology.
  7. Puncture-Aspiration (PAAF) of Palpable Masses.
  8. Puncture-Aspiration (PAAF) of Deep Masses.
  9. Intraoperative Biopsies.
  10. Adult, Perinatal and Pediatric Autopsies.
  11. Donor Organ Biopsies.

Categories of pathological anatomy laboratories

  • Histopathology: microscopic examination of intact tissue resulting from biopsy or surgery. They are usually performed under special staining techniques and other associated tests, such as using antibodies to identify different tissue components.
  • Cytopathology: is the study of a cell or small groups of cells caused by the scraping or aspiration of the liquid or tissue under the microscope. It is common in the study of cervical smear with Pap Staining.ย 

Medical equipment used for laboratory examinations of pathological anatomy

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