Plasma centrifuges are one of the most essential tools for the food processing, laboratory and manufacturing industry in general; this machine is used to separate solids and liquids, such as in the separation of blood into plasma and blood cells.

This is possible thanks to the movement of the spiral solids, produced by the rotation of a centrifugal high-angle capsule; the maximum successful and rapid efficiency of a plasma centrifuge depends mainly on the materials that are centrifuged.

The most common characteristics that materials must possess to be used in a centrifuge are the following

These materials must have several characteristics to achieve optimum results; first of all, it must be lightweight as the heavier materials will invent the balance between the longitudinal axis and the direction of the capsule.

This could reduce the potential of centrifuge; furthermore, centrifuged materials should be absolutely clean, i.e. free of any organic substances, any foreign bodies, such as biological, air and particles, as well as extremely thin layers of any chemical compound.

Centrifuge operators should consult with the manufacturer regarding the characteristics of the materials before purchasing the materials

These conditions will prevent the material from compacting and obstructing the system when centrifuged; centrifuged materials should also be uniform, with similar shapes, bony, having similar density, volume, size and stiffness.

These characteristics would contribute to achieving the stable and maximum potential equilibrium of the plasma centrifuge; when purchasing materials for centrifuging with a plasma centrifuge, it is important to consult with the manufacturer on the characteristics of the materials.

If operators take these features into account, they will be in the best position to get successful results for their applications

Finally, they must meet the optimal application comfort and maximum capacity to achieve the desired results and save time; to obtain the best results with a plasma centrifuge, it is essential to use suitable materials that are light, absolutely clean, homogeneous, with similar shapes and the same size.

Likewise, the materials of a plasma centrifuge must be highly resistant to corrosion, this is essential to ensure the durability of the material and prevent the components from corroding over time.

The incompatibility could negatively affect the outcome of the process of the materials used

This property is also essential to prevent harmless plasma from leaking through holes or pores produced by the nitric acid used to purify materials.

Finally, the materials suitable for a plasma centrifuge must be compatible with the process fluids being used; the material must have excellent resistance to oil or any other liquid used to purify, recondition or centrifuge the materials.

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