What are the Turbidity Measurement Methods?

Turbidity is a parameter that represents the time of incapacitation of light in water and other liquids. The parameter was introduced in the first water contamination studies, in which researchers tried to establish relationships between water turbidity and the presence of suspended microscopic particles formed mainly by sediments and plant materials. The measurement of turbidity has become a valuable tool to monitor the effects of pollution on water resources and determine their quality.

The method of measuring turbidity in water aims to provide an objective description of the amount of suspended particles present in the water, based on the light that a light bulb radiates into the water and that is deviated or interfered with.

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Importance of Methods of Analysis

There are two main methods for measuring turbidity in water, as shown below:

Turbidimeter method: Turbidimeters measure the absorption of light to calculate the degree of contamination. The method is used for direct measurement of turbidity in water, and the devices are placed inside the liquid to measure the amount of suspension material present. These devices can read the turbidity in an economical, fast and accurate way. Measurement is done by measuring the transmission index, which is defined as the fraction of light that is transmitted through the water sample. This approach is known as the Light Transmission Index (TIN).

Jackson-Turck scale method: This method was developed as a simple procedure to determine water turbidity without using any equipment. It consists of placing a graduated tube in a water sample and reading the column resulting from the turbidity. The graduation is designed to allow direct measurement of water turbidity by significant light scattering. This can be useful to establish a baseline to measure the variation in water turbidity over time.


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