The Unmatched Quality of Kalstein Fume Hoods: Features, Uses and Models

Kalstein is a recognized global brand in laboratory equipment, whose products stand out for their quality, durability and precision. Among its extensive portfolio, fume hoods are one of its flagship products, meticulously designed to provide optimal and safe conditions for laboratory routines.

Kalstein fume hoods are an essential element in any laboratory where chemicals are handled. With superior features, versatile applications and a variety of models, they represent a valuable investment committed to safety and excellence in laboratory work.

Kalstein Fume Hood Features

Kalstein fume hoods are built to the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment for users and protecting both personnel and laboratory materials from hazardous or harmful chemicals. Among its features are:

– High-quality materials: Kalstein hoods are made of stainless steel or corrosion-resistant polypropylene.

– Innovative filtering system: They have carbon and/or HEPA filtering systems that guarantee complete and safe extraction of gases.

– Advanced control: They offer an intuitive control system that allows easy adjustment of extraction flow and speed.

– Minimal noise: Their ingenious design allows for quiet operation, facilitating concentration in the laboratory.

Uses and Applications of Kalstein Fume Hoods

Kalstein fume hoods are an essential element in any laboratory where volatile or hazardous chemicals are involved. Some of their main applications are:

– Research and development laboratories: Where experiments often involve the use of toxic chemicals.

– Industrial testing laboratories: To protect workers from potentially hazardous gases.

– Educational laboratories: To provide a safe learning environment for students.

Kalstein Fume Hood Models

Kalstein offers different models tailored to various laboratory needs:

YR05823 // YR05825 stainless steel laboratory fume hood: Top side panel (1.2 mm thick galvanized steel plate, epoxy sprayed exterior), Built-in LED tube, Fan and lamp switch, Multifunctional splash-proof plinth, 12.7 mm corrosion-proof solid core, Physical and chemical board table, Door frames and door panels, Adjustment foot.

Laboratory fume cupboard, acid and alkali resistance Fume cupboard Hospital laboratory equipment YR05820 // YR05822: Liner and guide baffles 5mm thick anti-melamine board, (Window) 5mm thick tempered glass, Exclusive laboratory PP beaker, Built-in drainage foot.

Epoxy coated steel basic chemical laboratory fume hood YR05808 // YR05812: Built-in axial fan, air collector and anti-corrosion hose, With wind regulator, Top side panel (1.2 mm thick galvanized steel plate. Epoxy sprayed exterior), Built-in LED tube.

Table Top Fume Hood YR05866 // YR05868: The fume hood is used to protect the laboratory environment and the operator during general chemical applications. It actively protects the operator from inhaling toxic vapors and drastically reduces the risk of fire and explosion. By installing the proper filter, you can also protect the environment. This unit is ideal for those requiring extraction systems for operator protection, including: Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Analytical Research, as well as Industrial, Medical and Educational establishments.

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