In their daily work, laboratory professionals need equipment of the highest quality and precision to perform their tasks effectively. Conducting experiments and analyses in todayโ€™s laboratories requires reliable and efficient laboratory equipment. One such essential piece of equipment is the Kalstein Vortex Mixer, which is used for stirring and mixing single and multiple aspects in different fields of science. Kalstein offers a variety of models and options, adapting to the specific needs of each laboratory.

Multi-tube Vortex Mixer YR06049

The YR06049 Vortex Mixer model, from the renowned Kalstein brand, provides powerful 30W agitation and an RPM range of 1500-3000, with an impressive 10 RPM increase. The brushless motor of this model ensures high-efficiency performance and long service life.

In addition, this advanced mixer features an adaptable time interval from 1min to 8h, and its collection range supports 50ml*25+15ml*16 centrifuge tube. Its 4mm horizontal swivel amplitude ensures efficient multi-directional mixing.

Multi-Plate Vortex โ€“ Models YR06044 to YR06047

Highlights of these models are their โ€˜Tounch/Runโ€™ mode of operation and their speed setting, which switches between โ€˜Konbโ€™ and โ€˜PWMโ€™ depending on the model. Depending on the model, they have a capacity of 50ml*4 / 15ml*9 / 5-10ml*12 / 2ml*24. Each of these devices guarantees a voltage of 0-3000 RPM, depending on the model, and a speed of 100-3000 RPM.

In terms of durability, these mixers are equipped with brushless motors and provide a timing from 1min to 8h. To ensure safety and durability, these delicate laboratory instruments exhibit a shell protection level of IP21.

Mini Vortex Mixers YR06042 and YR06043

Kalsteinโ€™s YR06042 and YR06043 mini Vortex mixers are compact and powerful instruments ideal for laboratories with limited space. These mixers feature a push-button control mode, offering a stirring speed ranging from 0 to 3000RPM. Their loading capacity is 50 ml, and they provide a shaking orbit of 4.5 mm, ensuring high efficiency mixing.

These models come with a powerful brushless motor and a robust enclosure with an IP42 protection level ensures their durability and resistance to harsh laboratory environment conditions.

Multi-tube Vortex Mixer YR05005

Top of the Kalstein range, the YR05005 Multi-tube Vortex Mixer offers a 4mm orbit and a maximum load capacity of 5Kg, allowing the use of multiple tubes at the same time. This model provides a speed range of 500 to 2500 rpm and a speed accuracy of 10 rpm. Its time range is very wide, ranging from 1 min to 99 hours and 59 minutes, which offers extraordinary flexibility for all mixing applications.

In summary, Kalstein offers a variety of vortex mixers that can meet the demands of any laboratory, large or small. Each model offers its own unique set of features, but all guarantee efficiency, durability and trouble-free operations, no matter the level of utilization.ย