Differences, technical similarities and applications of the models in the refractometer category

The refractometer is a crucial device in many laboratories and medical environments. With models specifically developed by Kalstein to test different elements such as milk, glucose, wine, among others, they allow high accuracy and efficiency during chemical and biochemistry analysis.

ATC Milk Refractometers YR05937 – YR05938

The YR05937 and YR05938 are optical refractometers specifically designed to measure the concentration of milk and soybeans. Although they both measure milk, the main difference between them lies in their measuring range and accuracy. The YR05937 measures a range of 0-25% soy and 0-32% Brix with an accuracy of ±0.5% for soy and ±0.2% for Brix.

In contrast, the YR05938 measures a milk range of 0-20% with an accuracy of ±0.2%. Both are made of pure aluminum and feature an ATC compensator from 10-30°C to accommodate temperature changes during use. https://kalstein.pl/product/atc-milk-refractometers-yr05937-yr05938/

Digital Brix Refractometer YR05944 – YR05952

Under the Brix refractometer category, Kalstein offers eight different models (YR05944 – YR05952) that differ by the type of substance to be measured. For example, the YR05947 is designed to measure dextran, while the YR05949 is used to measure glucose. https://kalstein.pl/product/brix-digital-refractometer-yr05944-yr05952/

Regardless of the specific substance, all Brix models maintain a high accuracy of ±0.2%. They are digital and provide a direct correlation with the refractive index, resulting in more accurate and repeatable measurements.

Clinical Refractometer YR05915

For clinical applications, the model YR05915 allows measurement of densities in specified ranges and provides accuracy up to ±0.2g/dl. This refractometer is designed to measure protein (g/dl), specific gravity (SG) and refractive index (RI) and like the others, it also has the ATC function with a range of 10-30°C.

Designed for clinical use and intended for both veterinary and human use. This unit provides a quick and accurate indication of vital fluid levels. It has a triple scale that gives Urine Specific Gravity (SG), Total Serum Protein (SP) and Refractive Index (RI). It is FULLY EQUIPPED with ATC that automatically adjusts to correct for temperature discrepancies during use. Capable of measuring with high precision and provides accurate results. It is equipped with a vivid and sharp grid chart for easy and comfortable reading. Uses only ambient light and does not require batteries. https://kalstein.pl/product/clinical-refractometer-yr05915/

ATC Wine Refractometers YR05931 – YR05936

For the wine industry, the YR05931 to YR05936 are useful for measuring alcohol percentage, volumes and other key aspects of wine production. For example, the YR05931 is capable of measuring alcohol from 0-80% v/v, while the YR05934 is for wine ranging from 0-20% Baume and 0-25% Vol. https://kalstein.pl/product/atc-wine-refractometers-yr05931-yr05936/

Regardless of the specific measurement requirements of a laboratory or industry, there is a Kalstein refractometer that can meet those needs. With high accuracies, ATC capabilities and pure aluminum construction, these instruments provide reliable data for accurate analysis and interpretation, improving laboratory productivity and efficiency.