Shaking heating blanket What is it used for?

A shaking heating mantle is laboratory equipment equipped with a flexible, insulated and comfortable heating device that allows you to position, heat and mix containers such as round bottom flasks or balloons. Adapting to multiple processes that require temperature and agitation frequently used in laboratories.

That is, this type of blanket, in addition to heating your processes in a controlled way, allows you to stir solutions simultaneously. They are generally designed so that both functions can be controlled independently. What provides a greater degree of functionality.

How is a warming blanket made?

Heating blankets can be made of more rigid fabrics or constructions, some can be made of electrostatic paint-coated stainless steel, with its heating element covered by high thermal resistance fiberglass.

They can obtain different temperature ranges and have varied levels of regulation, as well as an element that provides agitation. They provide a short heating time, distribute heat without creating condensed water, do not produce flames and are safe for heating above 100 ยฐ C.

What are the uses of the shaking heating blanket?

This laboratory instrument is designed to be used in processes such as fat extraction, distillation, among others. The heating blanket produces heat in an efficient way, without causing harm to the environment, clean and safe, which is why it is considered essential for technological, research or production applications. The walls of the heating mantle surround the distillation flask and transfer the set temperature to all liquids in an optimal way.

Its main application is to uniformly heat or temper organic liquids placed in reaction kettles, round bottom flasks or reaction vessels for the boiling, evaporation, distillation or extraction process. These units have a closed heating system, designed to prevent heated containers from exploding on their surface.

ย What are the characteristics of a heating blanket?

  • Its temperature can reach up to 450 ยฐ C.
  • Distributes heat evenly.
  • They have analog or digital controls.
  • Allows you to view the temperature through a screen.
  • High level of precision functionality.
  • They are padded for good insulation.
  • Sometimes you add sand to the heating mantle when the flask is not big enough.
  • Variety of sizes, temperatures and powers.
  • They have magnetic stirring.
  • They are equipped with non-slip rubber feet so that it remains firm even at high stirring speeds.

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