Zoom Stereo Laboratory Microscope YR0253

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Product Description

  • Binocular Head with diopter Adjustable tube
  • Stand with LED Light,, Large Glass Stage
Technical Specifications
Model YR0253
Head Binocular, Inclined 45ยฐ, Interpupillary Distance 55~75mm o
Trinocular, Inclined 45ยฐ, Interpupillary Distance 55~75mm
Eyepiece WF10x/20mm, High Eyepoint
Zoom Objective 1x~4.5x
Zoom Ratio 01:04.5
Working Distance 97mm
Stand Track Stand, With Glass Plate
Illumination Up & Down LED Light, Brightness Adjustable
Optional Accessories
Eyepiece WF15x/16mm YR0253-op1
WF20x/12mm YR0253-op2
WF30x/ YR0253-op3
EW10x/20 Retical Eyepiece, With Cross Hair YR0253-op4
Auxiliary Lens 0.5x, W.D.180mm YR0253-op5
0.63x, W.D.137mm YR0253-op6
0.75x, W.D.120mm YR0253-op7
2x, W.D.30mm YR0253-op8
Adapter Photo Adapter YR0253-op9
0.5x C-Mount YR0253-op10
1.0x C-Mount YR0253-op11

Additional Information

Weight 5,8 kg
Dimensions 36,7 × 30,9 × 51,7 cm

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