Operation Lamp YR02106 // YR02112

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Light sources with four colors( Green, Amber, Red and Warm/Cold White) are mixed excatly where it is created (in the unique light beam condensor)- but not in the surgical field, which brings super high CRI (Ra>=95).Meanwhile, the New Light Source requires less LEDs to reach a ideal illuminance with lower irradiated heat.

Model YR02106 YR02108 YR02110 YR02112
Central illuminance (KLux) 120-140
Color temperature (K) 3650-5000 10 level adjustment
Point field (d10) (mm) 160-320
d10 / d50 > = 50%
CRI (Ra) > = 95
Shadow dilution with tube 0.95
Shadow dilution with 1 mask 0.73
Shadow dilution with 2 masks 0.6
Shadow dilution with tube and 1 mask 0.68
Shadow dilution with tube and 2 masks 0.55
Illumination depth (L1 + L2) (mm) 1000
Ee 500W / M ’
Radiant energy (W / m2 x Lux) 4
Bulb Life (hours) fifty
Additional characteristics LED, ceiling mount, Φ60cm and Φ60cm LED, ceiling mount, Φ60cm LED, mobile, Φ60cm, without battery LED, mobile, Φ60cm, without battery


Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR02106, YR02108, YR02110, YR02112


LED, ceiling-mount , Φ60cm, LED, ceiling-mount , Φ60cm&Φ60cm, LED, mobile , Φ60cm, with battery, LED, mobile , Φ60cm, without battery


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