Optimizing Laboratory Processes with the Innovative Heating Blanket

Kalsteinโ€™s heating mantle equipment is an essential tool for every scientific, medical and research laboratory. Its main function is to provide controlled and uniform heat to different laboratory vessels, essential for processes that require strict temperature monitoring.

The range of this equipment covers different capacities depending on the model, with heating mantles from 100ml to 10Lts (models YR05055 to YR05058 for example). The equipment comes with a speed range from 100 to 2500 revolutions per minute, ideal to effectively stir solutions at different intensities without interfering with the heating process. https://kalstein.pl/product/heating-mantle-yr05055-yr05058/

Technical Specifications

Kalstein heating mantles differ mainly in capacity and operating voltage. The models of the YR05049 to YR05054 series, known as multiple heating mantles, have capacities ranging from 3 x 250 ml to 6 x 1 000ml. The operating voltage ranges from 200 โ€“ 240V / 50 โ€“ 60Hz or 100 โ€“ 120V / 50 โ€“ 60Hz to suit different power requirements. https://kalstein.pl/product/multi-heating-mantle-yr05049-yr05054/

Also, the YR05021 to YR05027 series, depending on their capacity, offer power from 100W to 800W, useful for different experimental processes. The maximum operating temperature of these units reaches 380ยฐC, a considerable upper limit that can respond to a wide variety of laboratory applications.ย  https://kalstein.pl/product/heating-mantle-yr05021-yr05036/

Equipment Descriptionย 

Kalstein heating mantles are compact and easy-to-use devices designed to meet stringent quality standards. Their analog construction ensures precise and constant control of temperature and stirring speed. Highly efficient heating elements are designed to provide fast and uniform heating, minimizing preparation times and improving laboratory efficiency.

Each model of the brand exudes excellence in its specifications and capacities. Capacities range from 100ml in the YR05030 model to 5000ml in the YR05036 model, offering a wide range of options for all sizes of lab work. https://kalstein.pl/product/heating-mantle-yr05021-yr05036/

Applications According to Equipment Capacitiesย 

Depending on their capacity, these instruments have a variety of practical applications. Smaller capacity models, such as the YR05039 with 100 ml, are ideal for small experiments, while large capacity models, such as the YR05058 with 10Lts, are useful in applications requiring a larger sample volume. https://kalstein.pl/product/heating-mantle-yr05039-yr05048/

Multiple heating mantle models allow simultaneous heating of multiple samples, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency in the laboratory. These units are particularly useful in areas such as molecular biology, chemistry and pharmacology, where temperature control of multiple samples at once is often required.

In summary, the Kalstein range of heating mantles offers a flexible and robust thermal control device to suit a variety of laboratory applications, boosting process efficiency and accuracy. Thanks to its versatility and thoroughness, it is becoming a must-have piece of equipment in any laboratory looking to optimize its processes and results.