As an essential element in any laboratory setup, ice makers are often the forgotten mainstay upon which many studies and experiments are done. However, the importance of having access to high quality ice during research should not be underestimated. As scientists work to advance human knowledge, reliable, high-performance equipment is critical. Kalstein brand ice makers are the perfect solution to meet these needs, bringing exceptional innovation and functionality to the laboratory setting.

These machines are practical, efficient and essential machines designed to withstand the demands of the busiest laboratory environments. With exceptional features and functionality, Kalsteinโ€™s ice makers are designed to withstand the challenges of the most demanding can throw. Regardless of the type of lab or cooling requirements, there is a Kalstein ice maker that perfectly fits every need.

Ice Maker Features

Kalstein has provided laboratories with extremely high quality, state-of-the-art ice making equipment. The brand stands out for its machines that are reliable, efficient and economical. These compact, self-contained units have the ability to generate ice quickly, which minimizes downtime in the laboratory.

In addition, Kalstein ice makers are characterized by their ease of use and maintenance, thanks to their smart design and a self-flushing system that removes impurities and bacteria buildup. Other key features include a built-in water level sensor, a lack of water indicator and an easy-to-read control panel that ensure high-quality performance.

Scientific Applications

The versatility of Kalstein ice makers makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. In clinical laboratories, ice is used to cool samples and reagents, maintain the integrity of cells and tissues, and help preserve pathogens and DNA samples at a constant temperature.

In addition, ice is crucial in biochemistry and molecular genetics experiments, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), where the sample must be kept cold to prevent protein denaturation. In research laboratories, these icemakers are also used in centrifugation and purification procedures.

Different Types of Ice Makers

Kalstein offers a selection of ice makers to meet the specific needs of different laboratories.

Ice Maker YR05143 // YR05144: For fresh fruit and food, flake ice makes the difference. It looks good, thanks to its versatility, and tastes good, thanks to its freshness. As a practical cooling medium, ice flakes also have great potential for use in the pharmaceutical industry and scientific laboratories in general. The flakes are produced by machines that can be installed anywhere. The mechanism is simple. The costs are low. The machine is also designed for quick maintenance operations.

Ice Machine YR05134 // YR05135 // YR05136: Fully automatic operation with full ice display, water shortage display, operation display and malfunction warning display, etc. They will stop automatically in case of ice or water shortage and start automatically when ice is not full or water supply is restored. Flake ice cools faster than other forms of ice, which can infiltrate into a narrow space, with fast cooling speed, good ice bath effect.

High Quality Portable Laboratory Shaved Ice Machine YR05130 // YR05131: Fully automatic control: with running indicator, full ice indicator, water shortage indicator and fault code display, etc. It will stop automatically in case of ice full or water shortage and start automatically when ice is not full or water supply is resumed.

In this way Kalstein offers quality equipment that meets the needs of clinical centers at the best price in the market, we guarantee your purchase, and our sales consultants are always available anywhere in the world.