Desbloqueando las Capacidades Técnicas y Científicas del Fluorómetro de Kalstein

The Kalstein Fluorometer is a highly accurate tool that is essential in any modern laboratory. This equipment is designed to measure the fluorescence intensity of samples of various types, providing fast and reliable results.

This equipment has a wide wavelength range varying from 200 to 900 nm, making it capable of working with a large spectrum of samples. The instrument also has an attractive user interface, with an LCD touch screen for easy interaction. In addition, the instrument is very versatile, allowing both fluorescence and absorbance measurements.

Scientific Applications of the Fluorometer 

The Kalstein Fluorometer has a wide variety of applications in various scientific fields. Firstly, in biochemistry, this device is used for the study of protein structure and function, including the detection of conformational changes and protein folding.

In environmental sciences, it can be used to detect the presence of specific organic compounds in water samples, which helps to assess water quality. Furthermore, in genetic research, it can be used to perform DNA and RNA quantification and to perform nucleic acid melting assays.

Different Types of Fluorometers

Although the variable wavelength fluorometer is the most common, there are several types, including:

YR06062 fluorometer: used for high-sensitivity quantitative analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins. YR06062 is available to do fluorescence detection for 8 samples simultaneously. The high-precision detection method effectively reduces the variation. Easy and humanized software, intuitive user interface and quick test method greatly shorten the testing time.

YR06061 Fluorometer: The new YR06061 fluorometer is used for high-sensitivity quantitative analysis of DNA, RNA and protein. The easy and humanized software, intuitive user interface and rapid analysis method greatly shorten the analysis time.

YR412-A Fluorometer: measures the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent reagent, which is combined with the target molecule to read the concentration of the sample. In general, the reading is lower than that of the Nano series products, but is much more accurate. The sensitivity of the Nano series products is greater than 5 ng/ul, while the fluorometer measures 0.5 pg/ul to measure DNA concentration. It is important and necessary for most applications to read the lowest and most accurate concentration of the sample. With the YR412-A fluorometer with the quantification kit, you can measure the concentration of the sample quickly, sensitively and accurately.

Using the Kalstein Fluorometer in the Laboratory

In terms of operation, it is easy to use, with clear and straightforward instructions. The equipment simply requires loading the sample and selecting the appropriate wavelength for testing. The built-in software will process the data and provide accurate and easily interpretable results.

In summary, the Kalstein Fluorometer is an indispensable tool in various scientific and research fields. Its accuracy, versatility and ease of use make it the ideal choice for any modern laboratory; besides having a competitive price, as a leading manufacturer in the market, we accompany you in your purchase process to clarify your doubts and ensure the satisfaction of our services.