Kalstein Benchtop Laboratory Conductivity Meters: Exuding Precision and Versatility

Benchtop Laboratory Conductivity Meters are Kalsteinโ€™s outstanding range of precision instruments. They stand out in laboratory environments for their high accuracy and wide applicability in sectors such as chemistry, biology, medicine, among others. Here we will describe in detail the technical specifications and features of this fascinating equipment.

Defining the Giants: Models YR01829 and YR01830

Weโ€™ll start with two essential models in the Kalstein range, the YR01829 and YR01830. Both feature conductivity ranges of 0.01 to 20.00, 200.0, 2000 ยตS/cm, 20.00, 200.0 mS/cm with a resolution of 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1 and an accuracy of ยฑ1% of full scale. Each of these meters offers 1 to 3 calibration points and uses specific calibration solutions, which are 10 ยตS, 84 ยตS, 1413 ยตS, 12.88 mS, 111.8 mS. https://kalstein.pl/product/yr01829-benchtop-conductivity-meter/

Both devices also provide full temperature compensation ranging from 0 to 100ยฐC/32 to 212ยฐF, and this can be adjusted manually or automatically. The reference temperature is 25ยฐC, which is the laboratory standard.

However, there is one differentiating feature between these two models. The Model YR01830 adds the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) function with a range of 0 to 10.00, 100.0, 1000ppm, 10.00, 200.0ppt, a resolution of 0.1 to 1.0 and an accuracy of ยฑ1% F.S. https://kalstein.pl/product/yr01830-benchtop-tds-conductivity-meter/

Multifunctional Models: YR01836 and YR01836-1

To our technical analysis, we come to the models YR01836 and YR01836-1, which are a pH and conductivity meter with additional attributes. Their pH measurement ranges from -2,000 to 20,000pH with an accuracy of ยฑ0.002pH and can be calibrated at 1 to 5 points.

In addition, these meters provide similar conductivity and TDS measurement functions as previous models, but exceed in accuracy in temperature measurement with ยฑ0.5 ยฐC/ยฑ0.9 ยฐF. These devices will captivate scientists with their memory, which can store up to 500 data sets, and their USB communication interface. https://kalstein.pl/product/yr01836-benchtop-ph-conductivity-meter/

The All-in-One: Model YR01837

Finally, the Model YR01837 can be described as the โ€œall-in-oneโ€ of Kalsteinโ€™s laboratory conductivity meters. It combines conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen functions.

With a conductivity and TDS range similar to previous models, this meter is distinguished by its ability to measure salinity over a range of 0.00 to 80.00ppt, 0.00 to 42.00psu. In addition, its accuracy of ยฑ1% F.S. makes this model the perfect tool for a demanding analysis or laboratory. https://kalstein.pl/product/benchtop-do-conductivity-meter-yr01837/

Assured Functionalityย 

All four conductivity meter models incorporate either manual or automatic end-point hold functions to optimize user convenience. In addition, they are equipped with 6-pin Nimi-DIN connectors and 3.5 mm jacks to ensure maximum compatibility and convenience.

Easy to Read and Navigate Monitors

Kalstein conductivity meters feature custom LCD displays that simplify reading and navigation. Display sizes range from 120 ร— 60 mm to 125 ร— 100 mm, ensuring data visibility.

Kalstein conductivity meters are a fusion of accuracy, versatility and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for laboratories looking to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.