Importance of a laboratory Freeze Dryer

The freeze-drier is a laboratory equipment used to carry out the freeze-drying process, which consists of extracting the moisture present in a given product by cold-drying. In other words, this laboratory device is responsible for dehydrating the samples by cold.

Lyophilization is a process that aims to separate water from a solution by freezing and subsequent sublimation of ice at reduced pressure. This technique is used to stabilize biological materials composed mainly of water, without altering their qualitative or quantitative composition, which can then be easily rehydrated.

The lyophilizer in the lab

The use of a lyophilizer is intended to reduce losses of volatile or thermosensitive components. Freeze-drying is the most appropriate preservative-free process or chemical to preserve cells, enzymes, bacteria, yeasts, viruses, vaccines, serums, blood products, algae, among others, because it offers more efficient conservation.

This is why a lyophilizer is of great importance, especially in the laboratories of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, because it allows to take to vacuum and low temperatures the dehydration of compounds of clinical and scientific importance, avoiding the denaturation of proteins. Biological materials such as cells, bacteria and vaccines become dry products preventing the passage through their liquid phase, and thus preventing chemical, enzymatic and biological changes, and allowing in turn:
Retain the characteristics of the original substances. In freeze-drying the physicochemical structure of the sample is not altered.
Store in the original way. With lyophilization the material suffers only a slight shrinkage.
Condition the material.

Prepare samples for chemical or biochemical analysis

At the laboratory level, we can say that freeze-drying is key to conserving pharmaceutical and biological products that should not be heated even at moderate temperatures. For small amounts of sample vials, tubes or round-bottom flasks are used (increased strength, with possibility of closure inside the freeze-drier).

The procedure for freeze-drying a sample consists of several steps: freezing of the sample at low temperatures, drying of the frozen product by sublimation and storage of the product.

Advantages of freeze-drying over other techniques

You get products that can regenerate very quickly again.
The form and characteristics of the final product are essentially the original.
It is an ideal process for drying thermolabile substances.
Oxidable constituents are protected.
The final moisture content is very low.

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