Flake ice machine

The ice-making machine is a piece of equipment that has the function of producing ice in large quantities for its disposal in any area or procedure that is required in the laboratory.

Flake ice cools faster than any other type of ice, it is a dry and sub cooled ice, small, available in different forms, which has more capacity to cool the products and keep them for longer periods of time, if it is compared with ice cubes. It is for this reason that flake ice makers have been developed to increase the efficiency in the production of ice, and in this way make this resource available quickly and in large quantities. Since ice is used for steps that require ice baths in the various procedures carried out in different laboratories.

How does the flake ice machine work?

First, the source of water to be used and its continuous supply to the machine is taken into account, in the laboratories the machine is connected to a source of purified water since the ice to be produced must be optimal, without contaminants. Fresh water makes it easier for ice to freeze, and its purity is a decisive factor in how long it takes to freeze.

This type of ice is formed by pouring the water onto a cooled surface that is shaped like a cylinder. The water freezes on the surface in the form of thin layers with an approximate thickness of 2 to 3 mm, then a blade removes the sub cooled ice, which is fragmented into small pieces and falls into a refrigerated compartment where they are stored for later application. .

Advantages of flake ice

  • It has a larger exchange surface than most other types of ice, so the heat transfer between the product and the ice is faster and more efficient.
  • Flake ice is sub-cooled (-5 to -7 ยฐ C), capable of yielding 83 kcal per kg when melting in water; so it is capable of absorbing more heat than other types of ice that have 0 ยฐ C.

Disadvantage of flake ice

  • Requires more storage space.
  • Melts faster than other types of ice due to its larger surface area.

Flake Ice Machine Features

  • It has switches and button functions for its control and management.
  • Has a long service life.
  • It is made of non-corrosive steel.
  • It has automated control.
  • Most have a screen that projects indications such as: the filling of ice in the storage space, water shortages, and failures in the manufacturing process, among others.
  • The equipment is certified.

Advantages of the flake ice maker

  • The machine is small and compact. So it requires less space than block ice.
  • Allows for making ice on demand, as it produces ice almost immediately after starting the machine.

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