Essential Laboratory Electrophoresis Models for Precision Investigations

Laboratory electrophoresis is a crucial technique used to separate mixtures of particles under the influence of an electric field. When selecting the right equipment, it is essential to consider several factors, including functionality, size and capacity.

Kalstein electrophoresis models are recognized for their innovative design and superior features. This article will explore the technical features and specifications of some outstanding Kalstein models.

Boosting Performance with the SSR Rapid Vertical Electrophoresis Tank (YR03431)

For those seeking high efficiency and accurate results in the everyday laboratory setting, Kalsteinโ€™s model YR03431 is ideal. This vertical electrophoresis tank is distinguished by its 216x220mm glass plate and a gel size of 186x205mm. This essential detail ensures size accuracy, which is important in electrophoresis experiments. The substantial gel thickness size of 1.0 mm allows handling one to two pieces of gel at a time, a useful attribute for laboratories handling a high volume of tests.

In addition, this model has a sample volume of 25, 40, 52wells for a thickness of 1.0mm. Thus, it provides a large sample holding capacity, essential for large-scale experiments. Its buffer volume of ~3 500ml highlights its high throughput, which means less time and effort for buffer refills over the course of an experiment.

Reflecting on the versatility of the Horizontal Cellulose Acetate Membrane Electrophoresis Model (YR03423)

The YR03423 model stands out from the competition because of its versatility and compact design. The bridge dimensions of this model are extremely robust, measuring 70x250mmx2 and 90x250mmx2. This allows multiple experiments to be performed simultaneously without compromising accuracy.

With a buffer volume of around 1,000 ml and an overall dimension of 350x260x65 (mm), this unit is compact, but without sacrificing capacity. This makes the YR03423 model suitable for laboratories and research environments with limited space.

Efficiency in small size of the Mini Protean Vertical Electrophoresis Cell (YR03427)

In contrast to the YR03431 model, Kalsteinโ€™s laboratory electrophoresis range also offers the YR03427 Mini Protean vertical electrophoresis cell. Despite its small size, with a glass plate of just 101x82mm and a gel of 81x73mm, this equipment is an effective and efficient tool. Its gel thickness is 1.0mm, to which up to 4 pieces can be adapted at the same time.

This model is especially recommended for laboratories that need to perform smaller scale tests frequently. Its sample volume varies from 11 to 60, offering flexibility. Its buffer capacity of ~1 200 ml is ideal for small but precise tests.

Innovating with the Vertical Electrophoresis Tank (YR03432)

The YR03432 is another outstanding example of the versatility of Kalsteinโ€™s electrophoresis equipment. With a gel size of 173ร—195 and a thickness of 1.1.5mm, this equipment offers a larger capacity to accommodate gels. In addition, its 21- and 35-well combs allow multiple applications in a single run.

This vertical electrophoresis tank has a capacity of up to 2 simultaneous gels, not only improving efficiency but also cost savings. Considering the buffer capacity of 2 200ml, the YR03432 model is a must-have component in high-throughput laboratories where a large volume of samples is handled.

In summary, each Kalstein laboratory electrophoresis model offers unique features and essential technical specifications that result in more efficient and accurate processes