Discovering the world of Kalstein Microplate Readers

Kalstein microplate readers are state-of-the-art equipment that lead the market in laboratory technology. Their advanced design provides an efficient and safe working environment that meets the highest industry standards.

Among the outstanding features of these devices are their high-speed reading capability, intuitive touch screen, customizable configuration options, adaptability to various types of microplates and data analysis options. Kalstein devices also feature data management software that allows convenient access and management of information, ensuring full traceability.

Scientific applications of Kalstein microplate readers

Thanks to their innovative features, Kalstein microplate readers lend themselves to a wide range of scientific applications. They are commonly used in biochemical and cellular applications, immunoassays, kinetic assays, protein quantification, toxicity testing and more.

Institutions that use these devices the most include medical and pharmacological research laboratories, clinical laboratories, biotechnology centers and universities. These devices are crucial for the development of new drugs, diagnostic tests, genomic and proteomic studies, and many other research and diagnostic fields.

Different types of Kalstein Microplate Readers

They come in different types to suit the various needs of laboratories. The most commonly used are:

Microplate Reader YR05128: 8-channel optical system, quantitative and qualitative test. External jet printer, multi-format patient report. Long life high light LED source > 100,000 hours. External computer, large storage capacity for 1000 test items and 1,000,000 results.

YR05127 Elisa Reader: Windows operation interface, figure button, mouse operation, touch screen. 96-well plate, multiple tests in one plate. Test element arrangement in the microplate can be stored and The parameter can be modified and stored, Stir plate, adjustable speed and cal. Open systems, test items and parameters can be added or modified. Large storage capacity for 1000 test items and 1,000,000 results, 10.4 inch color touch LCD, Full report printing, including hospital and patient information and test results, Built-in laptop computer, easy to use.

Using Kalstein Microplate Readers in the Laboratory

Kalstein microplate readers are essential instruments in any laboratory requiring high throughput assays. Their use is quite simple, but requires some technical expertise. The process starts by placing the microplate loaded with samples into the reader. Then, the reader performs the corresponding measurement (absorbance, fluorescence or luminescence) depending on the type of reader and the assay being performed. The data is collected and analyzed with the deviceโ€™s software, which offers a variety of analysis functions.

Kalstein microplate readers, with their combination of high technology, adaptability and accuracy, are undoubtedly a valuable investment for any modern laboratory. In short, Kalstein microplate readers bring accuracy, efficiency and speed to every reading, thus facilitating research and clinical work. Their wide range of applications and varieties make them a valuable tool for any laboratory wishing to optimize its performance and quality of work.

The Kalstein brand, with its unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, continues to set the standard in laboratory technology worldwide; at the best price to guarantee your purchase, also as a manufacturer we have first class materials, offering efficiency and effectiveness of our equipment.