Kalstein Microplate Washer: Scientific Applications and Diverse Laboratory Uses

In a laboratory environment, efficiency, accuracy and reliability are vital. In this context, the Kalstein Microplate Washer, a milestone in laboratory technology, offers a powerful and reliable solution for diverse applications.

Kalstein brand microplate washers are designed for efficient and effective cleaning of microplates used in scientific and medical studies. These rugged machines, made to withstand the daily stresses of the laboratory environment, excel with automated features, ease of use and the ability to ensure accurate cleaning.

Microplate Washer Featuresย 

Kalstein Microplate Washers boast several notable features. One of the most impressive is their self-adjusting functionality, which allows the machine to adapt to the specific needs of each washing procedure. They are compatible with both standard and custom wash protocols, giving them the versatility to adapt to any laboratory requirement.

In addition, they have the capability to wash 96-well and 384-well plates, which means they can handle most microplate cleaning tasks performed in the lab.

Scientific Applications of Microplate Washers

Kalstein Microplate Washers have a wide range of scientific applications due to their adaptability. They are used in a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, genomic research, proteomic studies, cell and tissue analysis, and virology and immunology studies.

They excel in the improvement and optimization of ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) processes, among others. Therefore, it helps scientists to obtain more accurate and consistent results, ensuring precision in research and diagnosis.

Types of Kalstein Microplate Washers and their Uses

There are different models of Kalstein microplate washers, each tailored to specific laboratory needs.

Microplate Washer YR05126: 96-well head, Single needle backflush, no suction needle, no blocking, Washing time is less than 30 seconds for one plate, Internal centrifuge, no residual liquid, no need to tap the microplate after washing. Double plate washing at the same time, high efficiency. Three 10000 ml high concentration liquid bottles, 7โ€ณ color touch screen operation, good user experience. https://kalstein.pl/product/microplate-washer-yr05126/

Microplate Washer YR05124 // YR05125: Washing programs among 100 groups, Adjustable and programmable washing modes, Cleaning head location adjusted in 5 locations, Soaking or vibration time program, Temperature: 10โ€™C-30 โ€œC wet.; 80%. One or more strips choice of ELISA plate washing keyboard directly, Minimal residual volume (<1 ยต L / well), Precision dosing Cv <2%, Removable ELISA plate, convenient for cleaning and sterilization of https://kalstein.pl/product/microplate-washer-yr05124/

In conclusion, Kalstein Microplate Washers are versatile and efficient tools that fit the demands of any laboratory. From the accuracy and reliability they provide to their versatility in terms of different laboratory scenarios, these washers are an integral part of any well-equipped laboratory, and you can find what you need in Kalstein, as a manufacturing company we have quality equipment at the best price in the market and certainly an ally at the time of your purchase.