Where is the electrocautery placed?

An electrocautery is an electronic equipment that uses radio frequency to coagulate, desiccate, and cauterize blood vessels that present bleeding. The operation of this instrument is based on high frequency technology, that is to say at a certain voltage and at a high frequency hemostasis can be performed in small blood vessels or even coagulate and cut tissues, obtaining very good results.

This device has allowed a noticeable decrease in surgical times during surgery or operation, because it reduces bleeding during surgery and improves visibility.

What is cauterization?

Cauterization consists of the process of destroying tissue or cutting soft tissue, using heat conduction, using the heat conduction of a metal probe heated by an electric current. This technique stops the small blood vessels from bleeding.

The methodology allows cauterizing, applying a high frequency alternating current, unipolar or bipolar. The most commonly used method to produce cauterization is electrocautery also known as thermal cautery, this equipment has the advantage that can be used to cut and blood vessels are closed directly with the heat of the device thus avoiding excessive bleeding.

What is an electrocautery used for?

An electrocautery is a medical team that has two monopolar and bipolar classifications, currently it is widely used in different fields of medicine, such as aesthetic surgery, obstetrics, dentistry, orthopedics, dermatology and veterinary.

Among the applications where an electrocautery is used we have:

  • In general surgery, for traditional cutting of tissues, where other cauterization methods are difficult to apply.
  • Skin treatments such as the removal of skin lesions, either superficial or vascular.
  • Surgical procedures before hysteroscopy in the uterine cavity.
  • Cutting tissues and clotting during surgical procedures.
  • Sealing blood vessels.
  • Prostate cuts through the urethra.
  • Maxillofacial surgery to prevent excessive bleeding.
  • Sterilization and castration.

Effects achieved with the use of an electrocautery

Depending on the current wave that is applied, different effects can be achieved on the tissue being worked with the electrocautery:

  • Coagulation and drying: This includes several interrelated processes (it uses mixed current waves) where the main purpose is cell dehydration and protein denaturation, without heat destroying them.
  • Fulguration: Also known as disseminated or spray coagulation, this technique is based on surface tissue being carbonized by repeated electrosurgical arcs and high voltage, reaching a temperature equal to or greater than 200 ยฐC.

Where should an electrocautery be placed?

The electrode of the equipment should be placed a few millimeters above the tissue, because the tissue resistance is increased with this technique, preventing the warm current to the tissue layers that are deeper. Therefore it is widely used to stop bleeding due to the section of capillaries or arterioles on wide surfaces.

When using a mono-polar electrocautery, it is extremely important that the earth pad is the only way through which the current passes through the body, because the electric current always reaches the path of least resistance, and if this is in the way some placed piece that touches the patient’s skin, it is possible that this will result in a burn in that area at the tip of the cauterizing probe.

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