What are the parameters of a heart monitor?

June 15, 2022by Kalstein

The cardiac monitor is in charge of throwing and analyzing the vital conditions of a patient, which is achieved through sensory signals emitted by the heart, to graphically develop its functional state. Generally, they are used in people who have some cardiac pathology, as well as those who have been subjected to an intervention or have had a heart attack recently.ย 

The cardiac monitor, works with the participation of electrodes attached to the patient, which transform the ionic current of the human heart, into low amplitude electronic current (100uV to 5mV), in turn, is developed to be digitized and the electrodes, have to be located in a correct way, to capture the best reception of the signal.

These monitors develop important parameters such as respiratory rate, non-invasive pressure (NIP), invasive pressure (IP), oxygen saturation (Sp0 2), venous oxygen saturation (Sv0 2), intracranial pressure, airway gas pressure or anesthesia, etc. It is important to remember that the results must be interpreted by a health professional.

Benefits of Cardiac Monitors

Through the use of cardiac monitors, admits the study of the mechanisms of the heart for the early detection of problems that the patient presents, in addition, facilitates the follow-up by decompensation of heart and respiratory failure.ย 

These devices facilitate the monitoring of technical parameters (battery, electrode status, etc.) and provide much useful clinical information for the health and control of the patient. In addition, it provides solutions according to its multiple functions, based on different types of monitors, which are:ย 

  • Spade Monitors: is responsible for working with manual transfers, which are usually done monthly or in case of symptoms.ย 
  • Monitors with technology: they develop the wireless advance of transmissions, when the patient presents an alert and approaches the monitor.

Currently, we have cardiac monitors, which take advantage of technology to allow longer or more autonomous monitoring by the patient.ย 

Cardiac Monitoring as a Tool for Patient Study.

The tools given by the specialist physician, also called a cardiologist, study patient parameters, through monitors, to identify any arrhythmia, including irregular heartbeats, fast or slow heartbeats and pauses.ย  Some cardiac arrhythmias are fatal, while others are manageable by themselves. Cardiac monitoring tools help patients record the signals related to this pathology. They also manifest the electrical activity of the heart and transmit the waveform of the beats.

In the same vein, cardiologists are able to diagnose cardiovascular risk factors and measures that can be taken to avoid future risks, by performing early detection tests, so that the patient can reduce his risk of having a heart attack, or worsen his heart disease.

Through cardiac monitoring, continuous electrocardiographic recording allows to see the heart rate and rhythm, and the monitor deducts it by counting the number of R waves per minute on the ECG. The data provided will help to make a complete hemodynamic assessment of the patient by means of the examination, information on the coloration and skin condition.ย 

Vital Signs monitors brand Kalstein

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