What are the general principles of electrosurgery?

Electrosurgery is a surgical subspecialty where high frequency electrical energy is used on any biological tissue, in order to obtain a desired effect, this effect depends on current, waveform and voltage. It is currently widely used in operating theaters, due to its remarkable benefits, such as the notable reduction of bleeding during the intervention, which translates into less duration of surgery and better aseptic conditions.

The equipment used in electrosurgery is the electrocautery for the destruction of tissue by heat generated by electrical energy in a hot metal that is applied to tissue, electrolysis equipment to destroy tissues by the chemical action of the galvanic current, direct or continuous and the electroscalpel through which electrofulguration, electrocoagulation and electrosection of tissues are achieved.

General principles of electrosurgery

The physical principles on which electrosurgery is based are related to the energy properties of elementary particles. Electrical current is an electron flow and variations in electron energy are radiated in the form of electromechanical energy and vice versa (reception and emission). Through the use of electrosurgery, there are three possible effects of current passage in the body: cutting, drying and flushing; these phenomena are dependent on current density, time, electrode size, tissue conductivity and wave type.

  • Current Density: The more current that passes through an area, the greater effect on tissue.
  • Time: A very prolonged activation of the electrode will produce further tissue damage.
  • Electrode size: Smaller electrodes provide a higher current density generating higher heat production. The return electrode used in monopolar electrosurgery is larger by dispersing the return current and minimizing heat production.
  • Tissue conduction: It will depend on the tissue. Skin and muscles are good conductors. Fat tissue and bones offer high strength.
  • Current wave: They can be of three types, cut, coagulation or mixed.

Benefits of Electrosurgery

  • It provides safe, lower-cost surgical interventions.
  • It gives good aesthetic results. The wounds heal in a shorter time, similar to those made with scalpel.
  • Procedures performed in operating theaters with electrosurgery take less time, accelerating and optimizing treatments.
  • It increases the well-being of the patient by reducing the possibility of bleeding, avoiding the use of gases, which have been associated with infections acquired during these procedures.
  • Helps maintain a high level of asepsis in the operating room area.
  • The risk of transmitting infections from diseased tissues to those who are healthy is reduced.
  • It facilitates the visibility of the surgeon during the procedure as it is less invasive and does not require the use of gauzes, which can also increase the risk of infections.

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