What are the differences between Bacticinerador and the Lighter?

Currently, lighters are applied in laboratories around the world, for the sterilization of flasks. However, through the integration of sterilizers such as the Bacticinerador, their functions are different and they are in charge of disinfecting the handles for microbiological tests, besides being modern and has been relegating the Burner Bunsen to the role of an auxiliary medium, although still with great presence in the laboratory practices of many academic disciplines.

In this sense, both teams use heat as a method used for the sterilization of glass material, surgical instruments, metal needles, non-miscible materials with water, etc., placing the material directly on fire until it turns red hot. This burns the contaminants to ashes.

Differences between Bacticinerador and the Lighter

The use of lighters is one of the aerosol-creating and insecure devices used in scientific laboratories to heat, sterilize or incinerate chemical samples or reagents. Although references about its use are few and have fallen a bit into oblivion. The use of lighters inside the cabinets are two problems, first, that have the ability to interrupt the air flows inside the cabinets putting at risk the staff working and, second, that serious accidents, including explosions, have been reported.

On the other hand, the Bacticinerador is a device that, unlike the lighter, has a cylindrical axis that is superheated and that allows the sterilization of culture handles. Most are electrical and have the advantage that during the course of incineration, the aerosolization of materials present in the bacteriological loops is prevented. They can also be used inside biological safety cabinets, unlike lighters, as these alter air flows and are contraindicated. These Bacticinerators reach temperatures of at least 800°C, killing microorganisms in the first 5-10 seconds.


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