What are the Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaner for Home Use

The ultrasonic cleaner is a device designed for disinfection of any material, through high frequency sound waves. These waves cause a high energy cavitation and during this process, millions of tiny bubbles are formed that implode releasing an enormous amount of energy and shock waves, reaching even the smallest and most unattainable holes. Anyway, in a manual cleaning process.

For the domestic sector, the use of ultrasonic cleaner allows to disinfect any object of the home, by means of the comprehensive sterilization and polishing system that combines washing and care, constantly solving the problems of cleaning and care for life.

Scheme and Working Principle

With the use of the ultrasonic cleaner, the object to be cleaned is introduced into a stainless steel tank containing an ultrasonic receptor liquid with an organic solvent, such as a surfactant that breaks the surface tension of the water base. It produces ultrasonic waves in the fluid by resizing in tune with an electrical signal oscillating at the ultrasonic frequency.

It also creates compression waves that fragment the solution, leaving behind millions of tiny partial bubble voids, known as cavitation. These bubbles collapse with great energy; at temperatures of 10000 K and pressures of 50000 pounds per square inch; but they are so tiny that they do nothing but clean the area and remove dirt. The greater the repetition, the smaller the point between the cavitation nodes, allowing for the cleaning of the most intricate details.

Resource for use of Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cavitation benefits the solution to do its job; water is usually not effective. The cleaning solution contains ingredients capable of making ultrasonic cleaning more effective. For example, the reduction of surface tension develops high levels of cavitation, so the resource must contain a good moisturizing product that provide a great influence on the process. A warm solution is the best, at about 50-65 ยฐ C.

Water-based solutions show less ability to remove chemical contaminants by solvent action than other solutions, for example, for delicate parts with a thin layer of fat. On the other hand, flammable solutions such as bleach and acids should not be used, as they can be dangerous due to the high temperature generated.

Advantages of Home Use

The composition of energy with specially developed solutions makes ultrasonic cleaning the most effective procedure for the removal of debris, both large and microscopic. That is why, thanks to its use, it offers the following advantages:

  • Careful and effective cleaning, where household instruments are thoroughly cleaned, remain polished and do not deform and even after frequent cleaning cycles.
  • Quiet operation, it operates with closed lid and the housing is plastic.
  • User safety, as it has a drain valve for the safe disposal of contaminated solutions, keeping children away from danger at home.
  • The base of the embossed baskets allows a safe removal of the instruments.
  • The aesthetic appearance is durable and does not stain or deform.
  • The impact power continuously washes the surface of the object, achieving a cleaning effect without damaging it.

It should be noted, that this equipment can be operated by anyone inside the home, aimed at reducing food debris, dust and impurities. In addition, they do not damage toys, because through the bathroom, they will feel fresh as air after rain, restoring the clean and translucent essence.

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