What advantages do automatic blood chemistry analysers offer for the laboratory?

Automatic blood chemistry analysers have become indispensable equipment for dental, veterinary, hospital and scientific laboratories around the world. These advanced blood chemistry analysis equipment have changed the course of the laboratory equipment industry, enabling medical and scientific professionals to conduct fast, accurate and accurate tests.

Although classical blood chemistry analysis requires specialized equipment, the technology has improved significantly over the years for the development of automatic blood chemistry analysis. On the other hand, the equipment used for this analysis is extremely versatile, because it allows to perform different types of tests, tests for the screening of diseases, early diagnoses of diseases such as diabetes, mononucleosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, liver and cardiovascular diseases, making positive the medical diagnostic process.

On the other hand, automatic blood chemistry analyzes also allow laboratories to save money in reducing reaction costs and also in reagent costs. This is because the automatic analyzers are extremely sensitive and accurate, making the equipment not really run out and the results obtained are very reliable.

Advantages of automatic blood chemistry analysers for the laboratory

Automatic blood chemistry analyzers save time and money for laboratories, making them much more efficient and cost-effective for them. This is because blood chemistry tests done with these kits usually take an average of 15 minutes, whereas the classic test often takes longer. In addition, automatic analyzers are much more affordable than classic analyzers, since you do not need to purchase expensive and expensive equipment to carry out the analyzes.

On the other hand, automated analysers also allow medical professionals to access data in real time, allowing them to obtain accurate and accurate results through clear and concise information, which helps them better understand test results, so as to arrive at a timely diagnosis in the shortest possible time. These devices also have other advantages, such as having a compact size and a high level of security, which allows you to have more space in the laboratory, saving a lot of time in traveling and collecting samples.

Basic care of automatic chemical analyzers

Chemical analyzers are indispensable tools for scientific research and industrial processes. These devices operate within the limits of accuracy, requiring users to handle them carefully to ensure the best performance. Basic care includes reading the operating manual completely, performing proper cleaning of the unit, following the instructions for configuration and use, storing it in a safe environment within the temperature and humidity limits recommended by the manufacturer, changing the filters when necessary, performing maintenance and calibration, and storing the equipment safely.

Although the chemical analyzers perform automatic processes, it should be taken into account that proper hygiene and handling of these appliances prolongs their service life, so if the basic advice mentioned above on the care of the chemical analyzers is followed, users can be sure that the unit will be working properly and will provide accurate results.

Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyser

The automatic blood chemistry analyser is a laboratory team that is in charge of doing blood tests, allowing to perform from 125 to 1,600 photometric tests per hour. These photometric tests are a method of optical analysis that allows to measure the amount of light that is absorbed by a substance. In hospitals or clinical laboratories, these devices have the function of analyzing components of a blood sample and make it possible to measure levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, proteins, among others. At the same time, they also allow tests to be done to study a person’s metabolic balance, using blood or urine samples.ย 

The automatic blood chemistry analyser has been a helping hand for laboratories around the world. It offers savings of money and time, just as it lowers the level of human error and reduces the workload on field professionals, it also provides a higher level of security by being away from any contact with analytics, which improves test results. These features offer great possibilities and realizations for laboratories around the world.

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