Warming blanket and measuring ball

The heating blanket is a piece of equipment used in laboratories, to supply a certain stable temperature in a uniform and safe way to various containers, whose base is round. It is used mainly to provide stable temperature to volumetric or graduated balloons.

How does a warming blanket work?

The design of the heating blanket makes the transfer effective thanks to the uniform distribution of temperature throughout the area in contact with the container and the materials for which it is made; since it works under the principle of heat transfer by conduction.

The heating blanket is the best option for the user due to its rapid heating and thermal response, since the heat they provide can be adjusted or regulated with a transformer, varying according to the needs that are required. Thus, this equipment is frequently used in basic and higher education laboratories of chemistry and biology to heat and temper organic liquids, which need to enter a process of boiling, evaporation, distillation or extrction; in addition to its use in quality control analysis.

Each heating blanket is equipped with a flexible and insulated heating device, which is what allows the containers to be positioned directly on it, without those made of glass, running the risk of breaking, suitable for flasks and funnels that are difficult to position ; and thanks to its circular design, it can be adapted to all kinds of jobs.

ย What is a graduated ball?

The volumetric flask, also known as a volumetric flask or fiola, is a container or container that is generally used in chemistry and physics laboratories to precisely measure the specific volume of liquids, distill substances, precipitate or dissolving compounds, cooling or heating liquids and to prepare solutions. These containers have a flat base and a long, narrow neck with markings known as gauges that are responsible for indicating the level of capacity that the liquid must have inside the container, in order to facilitate and guarantee the exact measurement. of liquids.

What is the Graduated Ball for?

This wonderful instrument, although it was founded at the beginning only to perform the precise measurement of the volume of liquids, can also be used to perform mixtures and any type of experiments that do not impair or overload its function. In it you can mix different elements to obtain a final composition, but it is also important to take into account all the restrictions when using them depending on the type of ball.

Many of them only work for use in laboratories in education centers due to the fact that they are more basic, delicate and with fewer capacities, but there are others that support different compositions and have more capacity. For this reason, it is important, before buying the ball, verify what will be the use that you will give it.

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