Use of Ion Meters for Lead Determination of Samples in the Laboratory

The lead ion meters, is a complete analytical device with silver / silver chloride (Ag / AgCl) reference placed inside a plastic cover with a potassium nitrate electrolyte. Its internal elements are isolated from the sample by a compressed lead sulfide detection membrane.

For the accuracy of lead to be measured, it is important that the ionic strength of the standards and sample is adjusted to a high and constant value with the ionic force adjustment solution.

In this case, to determine the amounts of lead in the samples within the laboratory, complies with standards directed towards monitoring environmental contagion. Lead is found in the environment, as well as in natural waters, waste from mining industries, damaged paints of buildings, and deposition of particles by vehicle emissions.

Accordingly, the use of ion meters ensures that the activity factor is constant, so that the concentration of free lead ions can be measured. It can also be used as an indicator to follow the method and manifest the end point of a sulfate precipitation titration.

Performance of Potassium Ion Meters

Ion meters are devices specialized in detecting ions per cubic centimeter. It is designed to measure negative and positive ions, setting them apart with their respective signs each (positive (+) and negative (-) ions). These sensors are very useful for discovering ions in various types of samples, such as environmental, agricultural, industrial, biotechnical, pharmaceutical, food, wastewater, drinking water and others.

Ion meters also use the appropriate technology to perform their measuring functions. They are a tool that investigates and analyzes the components of solutions or liquids using electrodes, to show the concentration of negative and positive ions in it.

It has a technological potential, in addition to the firm reference electrode, and the sensor electrode that will analyze the potential of the ion in substance. The potential difference between the two electrodes will depend on the activity of the specific ion in solution, which is related to the concentration of that ion. The lead/sulfate electrode can measure from 1ยตM (0.21 mg/L).

Determination of Samples with the Ion Meter

From the atmosphere, water and soil, lead can be concentrated to the trophic continuation, that is, plants, animals, fish and finally to humans, causing serious damage to health and even to trace junctions, causing toxicity, causing an interest to establish and apply new analytical methodologies for its determination.

Lead preparations are different from each other, and therefore, in their bioavailability and toxicity in the environment, are important aspects to consider when calculating the implications of exposure to lead, because soluble and organic compounds of lead are more easily adsorbed.

Therefore, for lead measurements using the ion meters, a reference electrode and a carbon electrode with mercury thin film are placed in the sample. Then, a negative potential is used to the electrode causing the lead and other cations present in the sample to be grouped on the negatively charged surface. Likewise, the direction of the potential is changed to apply an increasing potential for a few minutes. When the voltage reaches the specific and characteristic voltage for lead, the electrode releases all the ions, producing a current that can be measured. This current is equal to the number of lead ions released and is compared with calibration solutions to establish the lead concentration in the sample.

In this sense, the method of sample preparation used requires calibration with blood-based materials, which are also marketed.

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