Use of climate chambers for wood coating analysis

The climate chamber is a device that allows us to simulate certain environmental conditions, independently of the environment outside the equipment. These devices can be as large as a room, or as small as to be installed in a universal testing machine.

They are frequently used in research activities and in the industrial sector, with the aim of carrying out durability tests of materials, products, compounds or appliances, because it allows us to assess the impact of environmental conditions on them.

The evaluation of the effect of environmental conditions on different materials is usually carried out in outdoor spaces, for long periods and under conditions that can be difficult to control. This device allows us to accelerate the effects of environmental exposure, thus shortening the study period.

Whatย areย woodย coating?

Coatings are materials used on solid wood or objects made of wood. This group of materials includes paints, varnishes, lacquers, among others. The use of coatings, in addition to providing aesthetic properties to wood and objects made with it, such as color and brightness, provide protection against environmental factors such as moisture, radiation, biological deterioration, mechanical or chemical damage.

Wood coatings contain combinations of oils, resins, binders, pigments, dyes, biocides, stabilizers and UV absorbers, which can act by forming a protective film on the surface, or penetrating wood to provide deeper protection from wood fibers, lignin and cellulose. Its components limit the degradation caused by UV rays, reduce water absorption and thus decrease the dimensional changes of wood. They also slow the growth of fungi.

Coatings typically protect wooden surfaces within a time range of 8 to 18 months; some can do so for up to 24 months. This yield depends on the interactions between the coating formulation, wood chemistry and the environment.

Why should we evaluate the wood coating?

The assessment of coating performance is important for several reasons, one of them is the value contribution to solid wood as a raw material, also allow to estimate the duration of the integrity of the coating and consequently, to develop recommendations for end users of the raw material or objects made with wood. At this point, it is important to remember the wide use of wood in construction, so it is necessary to know all aspects related to the durability of the coating, due to its relevance on the maintenance of the structural integrity of the wood.

Another aspect to consider is that some coatings can emit organic fragmentation products or secondary emission products, as well as reactive species, which can cause effects on human health, even in small quantities. It has been shown that furniture can contribute significantly to air pollution, in indoor spaces.

The assessment of the performance of coatings, as well as of the emission of potential substances harmful to humans, requires the wood and coating to be subjected to controlled humidity and temperature conditions and for set periods, which can result in long-lasting, costly and difficult assessments. The use of a climate chamber can solve the difficulties associated with this type of assessments, since they are equipment that allow simulating certain conditions of temperature and humidity, for as long as necessary.

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